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Lock Down Your Mobile Devices: Encouraging Mobility while Remaining Secure

Encouraging productivity. Allowing employees to continuing working from home. Less IT overhead. These are just a few of the benefits that businesses that allow BYOD in the workplace or distribute company devices to employees will reap. However, the more devices there are with access to a business server, the greater the risk of a security […]

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How Wireless GPS Helps Police Officers to Nab Criminals.

Wireless GPS proves useful for police officers in responding and fighting crime. One particular aspect is in the form of police dispatching. Dispatchers use wireless systems in keeping track of the whereabouts of police officers while on duty. Maintaining the position of police vehicles helps dispatchers know which officers are closest to scenes of emergencies. […]

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Spam Becomes Worse, When You Unsubscribe!

Yes read it right! Spam becomes a lot worse when you try to unsubscribe from advertisement mails, because the spammers then get to know your email address is real. If you want to become a big spammer you will need email addresses: millions of them. In order to get them at the lowest cost, spammers […]

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How To Protect Computer from Infected PDFs Files?

Virus scanners recognize the code of most viruses. Therefore, hackers split the code and distribute it often through encrypted- as smaller units of code in PDF documents.  PDF docs consist of objects like text, fonts, spaces, forms,and hyperlink. there are at least 10000 objects in every 100 pages. Hackers split and distribute malicious codes to […]

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Why Cyber Lawyers Need Technology.

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace, much faster than we can keep up with it. But that doesn’t imply that we cannot try to understand it and learn it, because when we don’t get technology, we fall far behind. Lawyers were never really required to know technology, and even if their cases involved technical […]

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Career Options As A Cyber Lawyer

While searching for the perfect quote to begin this explanation of what lawyers really do, I faced the same problem I’m sure a lot of other people must have faced down the ages: people simply do not have nice things to say about lawyers! While jokes, one-liners and snide-asides aimed at lawyers abound, not many people have taken the time to explain in simple words the work that lawyers perform on an everyday basis!

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Cyber Law as a Career, Graduating as a Cyber lawyer from India

Computer forensics experts are often called as “Cyber Cops”, “Cyber Investigators” or “Digital Detectives”. The cyber law market is growing fast and it will continue to grow beyond imagination. Every individual is a potential victim to cyber crime. Everything is becoming cyber and the concerns of maintaining security of the information on the internet is also growing. Therefore there are tremendous career opportunities in almost every field from law to the IT Industry. The need of the time is to utilize the vast potential of Information Technologies for peaceful purposes and progressive economic development of India .