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Risky Behaviors that Lead to Indentity Theft

Identity theft has been a serious concern among security professionals for the last several decades. Increased use in social media and Smartphones have led to additional risks. According to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2010, half of all respondents said they did not protect themselves online. The 2012 Identity Fraud Report, released […]

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How Wireless GPS Helps Police Officers to Nab Criminals.

Wireless GPS proves useful for police officers in responding and fighting crime. One particular aspect is in the form of police dispatching. Dispatchers use wireless systems in keeping track of the whereabouts of police officers while on duty. Maintaining the position of police vehicles helps dispatchers know which officers are closest to scenes of emergencies. […]

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Top 5 Riskiest Celebrities Of 2009

In its ‘Top Cyber Threats Of 2009’ report, the security firm said the King of Pop’s death in June this year sparked a deluge of spam and malware campaigns as cybercriminals attempted to exploit his fans.

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Mobile phones have become very common across India-Joke;-)

Mobile phones have become very common across India-Joke. To see the proof check out the picture given below………>>>

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Analiyze your Friends behavior on TwitterAnalyzer

Analiyze your Friends Twitter Analyzer lets you see all kind of statistic charts about you and your Twitter friends behavior at the site.Twitter Analyzer team has developed a sophisticated algorithm that can automatically create groups of your friends according to their bio description….ETC.