Antivirus Software Protects You From More Than Viruses

In the past Antivirus software was bulky and slowed down your computer. When McAffee, Norton Antivirus, and other solutions arrived on the open market they were often scheduled to run at 3am on a Sunday morning, or other selected user-enabled times in order to not bog down computers during peak usage. Unfortunately that reputation has […]

Android Software-Updates

Single Antivirus Suite For Multiple Devices-PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablets

The Internet posed security threats to consumer behavior as more and more people started using it. Today, social media, Smartphones, Tablets and all other internet access device pose just as great a threat especially as the Internet becomes more integrated into daily life. As every move you make while browsing you leave your digital footprint. And you […]

PC Tuning

Ultimate PC Security Package For Windows

Everyone likes a fast computer be it desktops, Netbooks or laptops.  So, it becomes extremely important for a PC user to choose wisely among the AntiVirus software all around. After all you will never want to kill your PC’s processor due to overwork! You will also don’t want to kill your PC due to a […]