Summer Kicks Off with June 2012 Gadget Launches

What could be a better way to start the summer than a heaping pile of new gadgets hot off the production line? There seems to be no shortage of great new tech tools ready to take their places as important tools for busy professionals across the nation. Have a look at the following list of great tech gadgets that were either announced or released this month, and start making your wishlist. Chances are you will likely one to add every one of these hot new gadgets to yours!


MacBook Pro with Retina

Macbook Pro 2012 with Retina Display

It simply isn’t possible to talk about sexy, new gadgets without mentioning the MacBook Pro with retina from Apple. Taking the concept of retina displays to a whole new level, Apple is releasing a new version of its popular MacBook Pro, though this time it will include the same retina displays seen in the iPhone and iPad. There is simply no question that this product is far superior to other notebooks, with many experts weighing in that this may be the best personal computer ever created. Of course, those consumers who just can’t wait to get their hands on the MacBook Pro will have to pay handsomely for the privilege.


Leica M Monochrom

Black and white has never been hotter than it is at the moment, enjoying a resurgence with photogs across the planet. Of course, you can always use an editing suite to make a color image black and white, but this doesn’t render the same sorts of photographs that you will get with a high-powered black and white camera. The Leica M Monochrom is just that, featuring a black and white sensor that creates stunning Monochrom photos. This camera also comes bundled with some sweet editing tools, allowing photographers to get the most out of their purchase.


Mophie Powerstation Pro

Juice Pack Powerstation Pro

There are few things more frustrating than hitting the road and discovering that your mobile device is all out of juice. Enter the Morphie Powerstation Pro, a powerful battery backup that has enough energy to charge an iPhone three times. It can also be used with tablets like the iPad, while multiple charging ports allow users to use multiple devices at the same time, or give some power to a friend. The rugged frame of this device should stand up to any of the hardships it could be exposed to by users who aren’t particularly careful with their belongings.


Toshiba AT300

toshiba at300

If you like tablets, you are going to love the new Toshiba AT300. One of the latest Android devices around, this tablet packs an impressive quadcore processor and runs on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. One of the really awesome advancements with this tablet is the inclusion of Gorilla Glass, which will help for users who tend to drop things. The battery life can last up to ten hours, and the product can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of other high-end tablets, making it a great solution for savvy consumers to consider.


ViewSonic Pro8300

ViewSonic Pro8300

While not everybody has the need for a high-powered video projector, those who do will be salivating over this new ViewSonic. The product features 3,000 lumens of brightness, meaning users will never again need to worry about not being able to see a presentation. It fully supports HD content, which also makes it a great fit for those professionals who need a product that can display videos and photos in full-clarity. Dual HDMIs also provide the user with a myriad of different options, in terms of what can be connected to this incredible projector.


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