Steps To Resolve Recurrent DLL Errors

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A common problem that all computer users face in due course is DLL file errors. DLL errors have an uncanny ability of popping up and interrupting you while you are doing something important on your system.

In this article, we begin by understanding what DLL files are and why they are so important.  DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library.  A DLL file contains code that allows it to perform a specific task. A particular DLL file can be called upon by different applications to perform a specific function. This approach is obviously better than having similar files for different applications.

DLL files are present in great numbers on any PC and it is not surprising to come across DLL errors now and then. Unlike the common belief, DLL errors are usually not complex in nature and can be taken care of with a little knowledge and understanding.

There are several reasons why DLL errors may occur. You may receive DLL errors if any shared DLL file is deleted during the uninstallation of an application. Another reason behind DLL errors is the overwriting of a new version of a DLL file with a previous version. Faulty hardware, such as a faulty hard drive or memory can also cause DLL errors. You may also receive DLL errors if the DLL files present on your system are deleted by a malicious program, such as a virus or spyware or if the entries related to DLL files in the registry are invalid or corrupt.

In order to fix DLL errors, you need to first determine the source of the error. All DLL errors can be safely categorized into two categories – errors due to applications or errors due to malicious programs, such as virus, spyware, adware and so on. Both of these categories are discussed below:

Errors Due to Application

It has been observed that the majority of DLL errors that are caused by an application can be fixed by restoring the original DLL file. To restore the DLL file, you will need to check to see if the manufacturer has released any patch or new version of the application. If you find a new patch has been released, then install it by following the given instructions to fix the DLL error. If this is not possible, then you can repair DLL files by downloading the missing or corrupt DLL files from the Internet.

For certain DLL errors, such as the msvcr80.dll error you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the application that generated the error.

Errors Due To Malware

The other major reason behind DLL errors is malware infections. It is important for you to protect your PC from malware programs, using a robust security tool. You must also keep your security tool updated with the latest updates and security definitions. Finally, run regular full system scans to ensure that your system stays clean and free from viruses.

It is also recommended that you use an advanced registry cleaning tool to scan and remove any invalid entries added to it by malicious software. A good registry cleaning utility helps you get rid of invalid DLL entries from the registry and enables you to maintain a clean and compact registry. A clean registry significantly reduces the number of errors on your system and also improves its overall performance.

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