Start your own blog! Its just like writing a diary….

Blogging is not difficult, neither so different from the rest of the writing. It is a new dimension to the modern way of writing. Blogging is a term, which is widely used for such content that is posted on millions of websites online in different regions of the world.

In contrast with a personal diary or a journal, a modern blog is written well in copywriting style. It’s exclusively made to educate, inform, entertain, and provoke readers. No matter what the niche is, a blog is usually aimed at something informative and interesting to catch attention of the online readers.

Blogging is like Online Diary

Today, blogging is quite in, and people use to do it as a part time hobby. It’s a way of interacting with people and sharing new ideas on the wide horizons of internet. To master the art of blogging, you need to write blogs on regular basis. This way, creative writing can trigger you to pull your best efforts in your content, as it will be published and publicized massively.

Start with any idea which you may like

You can start up with any idea of your own interests. You just need to embed useful words and then fabricate them according to your topic. It can be a fashion blog, a sports blog or a blog related to health issues. There are millions of topics, which you can present in your piece of writing. So, start writing now and prove your intellect!

Producing a great blog is not a big art; neither there are some handwritten rules available. No doubt, there are some dos and don’ts, which you should keep in mind if you want to be on the top. Blogging is all about passion! If you have the guts and flair of writing, then you can do it easily. And

Research is good for your blog

Research well the topic for which you are doing a blog. Research based or “scholarly” content has its own unique significance. Topic can be any, but it should be well-researched and properly executed. Don’t write on something for which you are not sure about. It might be possible that your reader has more information than you. If it is so, then it will be quite difficult for you to make an escape!

If you don’t know the dates or exact period of some event then leave it. Try to give some other details, which you know the best. Nobody is perfect in this world, and if you skip something, your readers will not criticize you.

Avoid slangs, unethical language

Write a blog if you can, but don’t use slangs and such language, which can be criticized among the masses. If you keep using slangs and unethical words in your sentences, then they have other choices. Slangs will make a bad impression of your blog and you will lose a good number of readers. Similarly, try to be neutral and unbiased on issues like gender, caste, culture and religion. There are many other sensitive issues as well, which should be treated with extensive care.

Enjoy your writing

Never take it as a burden and try to keep enjoying it. Writing is a great expression of intellectuals. So, if you think you can use the power of words, then believe in yourself and write passionately. Your immense affiliation should reflect in your writings. A blog is the parallel name of passion and interest in writing. Never try to write for time pass, if you can’t maintain your blog permanently. The very soul of your writing is your determination and commitment with the work.

Use images and videos

Today, blogs are quite attractive and mostly, bloggers are using attractive images and videos to support their content. An image can explain things well than ordinary words. Use images instead of feeding words like fillers. No doubt, still you need to write a lot, but it’s better to keep your words in picture frames. But never use copyright protected material. It’s against online ethics and bad for the health of your blog.

Always follow a logical sequence and arrange images and videos in accordance with your content. Like slangs, say no to immoral images and videos. If you use nude content, then your blog will be rated as “porn blog.” Obviously, you don’t want to keep it this way. Treat well your content and overall look of your page.

Blog should provoke a reader

Your blogs should have knowledge and should provoke the readers to think about the topic or some issue. If it is about global warming, then with proper images and content, inform the readers about this ongoing intriguing issue. Definitely, a sensible reader will pay serious attention to such issues and happenings. You just do your own work while providing basic information and the readers would do the hypothesis for you. So, what’s in your mind?

Where to start your own blog?

You can use Blogger or WordPress, both are free blogging services. I recommend blogging on WordPress as it is widely used by Bloggers and you can easily move to your own hosted wordpress blog with custom domain(  There are several benefits of self hosted wordpress blog like- Tremendous number of plugins and themes for custom look and features, Complete control to change code if you’re technically minded, Great experience for your audience. I provide a free self hosted wordpress blog setup also with great features!

This article is provided by Kevin Moor who writes for different sites, which inter alias are working to find perfect uninstaller.

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