Spring cleaning made simple.

Not all of us have the time to do a complete top-to-bottom scrub of the house. But cleaning doesn’t have to go out of the window completely, despite your busy schedule.Spring Cleaning

If you’ve let the cleaning schedule slip a little over the winter months, don’t be scared at the prospect of a big seasonal clean. It doesn’t have to be that overwhelming.

Firstly, think about what needs doing as a priority. Which room you spend the most time in, and which rooms have been neglected for a while? Bathrooms should always be top on the list, as they tend to be the first place where visitors notice dirt. A quick wipe down of the surfaces will be enough to lift the appearance of the bathroom if you don’t have time for a thorough deep-clean, and it’s amazing how much difference simply shining up your bathroom mirror can make.

Secondly, sort tasks into bite-size chunks which you can finish in ten to twenty minutes. This will make them far less daunting, and will mean that you’re more likely to slot them in when you have a few minutes to spare.

If you live with someone – partner, kids or housemates – get them to help out with odd jobs here and there to lighten the load. You needn’t spend hours scrubbing away at stubborn stains either, as there are loads of ways to make them easier to tackle. When cleaning a dirty microwave, for example, simply boil water in it for five to ten minutes to help the stains lift off more easily.

Make your life easier by making sure your household cleaning equipment works for you. If your vacuum is not performing as well as it should, then you may need to look for vax spares – such as a new filter – to get it back up to speed.

It’s sometimes easier said than done, but if you keep on top of the little things – doing the dishes, making the beds and sweeping the floors – then many of the larger jobs can wait until you have more time.

The age-old suggestion that you clean as you go is still some of the best advice available. Clean up when you make a mess in the kitchen, wiping up spillages straight away so they don’t have a chance to set, and put away your clothes at night.


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