Sony Vaio Pro 13 vs Vaio Pro 11 vs Vaio Duo 13

We continue to talk about the new Sony Vaio, today it will be for a quick comparison between all three models that have seen the light at Computex 2013. I am sure you that if you are not a geek you wouldn’t understand what Computex is – is that right? First time I went to Computex was during computer science studies, when we all got a free pass plus airplane tickets to Taiwan (the place where it was organised). Computex is a global ICT industry to offer the world’s best procurement and product showcases. Back to the comparison now, the two ultrabook Pro 13 and Pro 11 are opposed to the fact that Duo 13 slider integrates some novel solutions such as SIM slot and digitizer that expands the potential and projected toward a higher price range for the basic version.

Pros and cons, those who have followed in these two weeks the news of these terminals will stand certainly wondering what the advantages and limitations of each model are, trying to isolate one according to your needs. Needless to say, all of those who prefer the portability plus compact should focus directly on the Vaio Pro 11, ultra book currently the lightest on the market with its 870g of weight.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 vs Vaio Pro 11 vs Vaio Duo 13

However, not all of us are particularly excited to be working on a 11.6-inch display screen, considering moreover that the full HD on this diagonal line can create some boredom and too minute details by zooming the interface of 125{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a}. For those who want something there is more than the Vaio Pro 13, a few tens of grams more and a chassis made ​​of carbon fiber that for both leads to an overall atypical flexibility. A 13.3-inch advantage of the ultrabook goes to the cost, the basic version of the fact starts from 999 € (844 £) while for the Pro 11 it is € 1119 (946£) (Core i5 in both cases).

The choice of 13 compared to the Duo Pro marks a clear need, which will be directed towards this device fact thatyou want an ultrabook, but without renouncing to some of the objective advantages of tablet and digitizer. The pen allows you to digitally interact with the terminal, which is not possible to do on the Pro, even though almost all configurations are provided for the touch display, which is useful because of Windows 8 but inconvenient to use because you cannot tip.

The Duo 13 also have a slot SIM which will make very glad the professionals who want to use the slider on the move, plus relying on a 50Wh battery that makes your dream come true with its 9-10 hours of battery life. There is some uncertainty about the sliding mechanism, especially when you want to use the 13 as the Duo notebook but there is comfortably resting on a flat surface.

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