Show Off Your Android Power.

Android is fastly catching up popularity with the masses. Many handset manufacturers are now lending their support to this Operating System. The Android phone that you hold in your hands has a number of sensors that can convert your device into an ultimate machine. Here are some of the weird applications that have caught the attention of users in the Android market.Android Power Ninja

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  1. Hypnotic Spiral: This is a cool hypnotic application that you can hypnotise your friends. You can change the speed of the spiral by dragging your fingers on the screen. Another utility of this application is make you sleep and this has helped me a number of times when I was not able to sleep at nights. Another version called as Hypnotic Lite is also introduced which has a number of rainbow patterns and beautiful colour imagery that is bound to mesmerize you.
  2. Infrared Emissivity App: This app utilizes the services of the infrared sensor of your smartphone and will give you the readings accordingly. The app helps in measuring the infrared temperature of an object and will require your phone’s camera and the app will then approximately determine the temperature depending on the material of the object. Based on the user reviews, the app is highly dependent on the camera quality and it is not giving exact results. The app is available for $2 from the Android market.
  3. Metal Detector: This is basically a metal detector application that uses the magnet sensor of your phone. The app works on the principle of magnetic repulsion and attraction. The natural attraction that is found on the earth is about 49 micro Tesla (µT). The application is available for free from the Android market. Once you install it do try this app on the wire in your wall and see the results. The developer of the app claims that the results shown by the app is highly accurate but I suspect it due to the interference from the nearby electronic devices. The field value changes when we tilt it.
  4. Floating image: This app can be a great way to kill your boredom and monotony. You will see the images in your phone as if they are floating and it will load the random images from the memory of your phone and it will be seen floating around on the main screen of your phone.
  5. The Schwartz Unsheathed: This is a light saber simulator that uses the Accelerometer sensor controls of your phone and makes a number of sounds when the saber slashes the air. You can try out a number of colour combinations of the light of the saber.


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