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10 Seducing Features Of Firefox 4.

The Mozilla’s Senior Director of Engineering Damon Sicore has confirmed that the final build of the browser is ready to launch , and the date is Tuesday March 22.

Firefox 4 introduces several changes, including tabs now being placed above the address bar, mutli-touch support, a new add-ons managers, improved HTML 5 support and more.  There are some features which would seduce a large number of internet users. Here are some of the highlights of what we can expect:

1. More Speed

The Firefox 4 uses J√§gerMonkey as JavaScript engine, Firefox 4 delivers huge performance enhancements, including faster start-up times, graphics rendering and page loads. Bottom line: It’s blazingly fast.

2. Panorama

First it was introduced as an add-on, Firefox 4’s new Panorama feature is another one designed to battle tab clutter. Using it, Web surfers can drag and drop their tabs into manageable groups that can be organized, named and arranged intuitively and visually.

3. Do Not Track

With a single check box, Firefox 4 users can ensure that any time the browser requests a Web page, it will send along a header specifying that the user does not want their browsing behavior to be tracked. Firefox 4 has the HTTP header feature disabled by default. To turn it on, users must go to Preferences/Advanced, and check the “Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked” box.

4. Less Clutter

Tabs are now given top visual priority in Firefox 4 so as to enable more efficient and intuitive browsing. In addition to its new “tabs on top” layout, however, the software now also offers a number of other features to make it simpler and more streamlined.

A Switch to Tab feature, for instance, helps reduce tab clutter by automatically calling up an already-tabbed URL rather than duplicating it all over again. “It took my tab list from 80 to 90 down to 50 or 60,” Nightingale said.

5. Sync

Another new feature that started life as an add-on is Sync, which synchronizes an individual’s multiple copies of Firefox across various platforms. So, a user might look up directions to a restaurant from their work computer, for example, and then be able to easily find and pull down those same directions from their Android phone on the road, Nightingale explained.

6. Improved Security

With HTTP Strict Transport Security, or HSTS, sites can now make sure information is always encrypted, thereby preventing attackers from intercepting sensitive data.

7. HTML5

Firefox 4’s new HTML5 parser and full support for Web video, audio, drag & drop, and file handling mean that it’s capable of supporting the latest Web environments.

8. Multiplatform Support

Whereas Microsoft’s IE9 can be used only on Windows–and only Vista and Windows 7 at that–Firefox, as always, is multiplatform. So, whether you’re on Windows, Linux or a Mac, you can enjoy its powerful new features.

9. Under the Hood

A number of other features–some visible to users, others not–will also appear in Firefox 4, including support for the WebM format for HD-quality video; 3D graphics via WebGL; elegant animations through the use of CSS3; and multitouch support.

Then, too, there’s super-fast graphics acceleration with Direct2D and Direct3D on Windows, XRender on Linux, and OpenGL on Mac enabled by default on supported hardware.

10. The Community Touch

Firefox has been shaped significantly by the people who use it. In fact, between 30 percent and 40 percent of its code was developed by the community, Nightingale told me. It’s hard to imagine a better way to make sure a product delivers what users want. Not like IE9 are developed by Microsoft’s team of paid developers to reflect their own vision of what users want.

Which internet browser seduces you?

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Looks awesome! I can’t wait for it to come out. The HTML5 stuff is what I’m most looking forward to, I’ve been messing with that quite a bit lately.

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