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Samsung launches the new Galaxy S4 with LTE Advanced 4G

Galaxy S4 with LTE Advanced 4GAre you wondering what will be Samsung launching this time? Are you expecting a phone which can be used as a mind reader? Samsung Electronics Company is planning to launch the latest smartphone Galaxy S4 to amaze the smartphone lovers. It is said to be the fastest smartphone among the series of smartphones launched by Samsung. It can transfer data with twice the normal speed of data transferring with other series of smartphones. Samsung claims Galaxy S4 to be the first smartphone with a network connection with an ultra-fast LTE speeds. Ofcourse, this phone is going to be a variant for the company’s flagship model.

Once it is released, Samsung will be known as the first company to launch the smartphone with an advanced 4G facility. Even though the Galaxy uses the upgraded version of 4G (LTE) called LTE Advanced 4G, a very less number of users can use it as it is not available in some countries yet. And this is the feature which offers a speed twice that of the normal 4G speed. As you know, the speed of a data network depends on several factors such as the number of people using it at a time. With this 4G advanced, a movie download which usually takes more than 3 minutes with 4G will take only less than a minute. In addition, this latest Samsung Galaxy S4 is featured with QualComm chips. Samsung has planned to launch this high speed smartphone in its home country, the South Korea and it is believed one carrier of the older version of Samsung smartphone will upgrade to Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 is featured with a Super AMOLDED capacitive touchscreen display with a size of 1080*1920 pixels. A 2 GB RAM with an internal memory of 16 GB which can expand to 64 GB using a micro SD card slot allows you to store as many as data you want. Also, the 13 mega pixel camera with an LED flashlight will help you capture all the precious moments in life. The attractive clarity of the captured photos will make them cherish able. Some other features of Samsung Galaxy S4 includes, full high definition video recording, 2 mega pixel front camera and some other unique features like Smart Scroll, S Travel, S Health, S translator, Smart Pause etc.

Just like Apple, who has conquered the smartphone market, Samsung is also trying to do network business to increase the sale of Galaxy S4 to challenge the other rivals Nokia, Ericsson etc. With this smart high speed smartphone, Samsung is hoping to show the Chinese people that with the new technology and 4G networks, smartphones can be made much faster and at a low operating costs.


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