Samsung Galaxy W Android Smartphone-Review, Price

Samsung has recently launched a new naming convention for its Galaxy handsets. The S series will always be the latest flagship with the recently announced Galaxy R just a short step behind. In the midrange is the Galaxy M (obviously) with the lower end Galaxy Y phones aimed at younger generations. There will also be “Pro” and “Plus” suffixes to indicate physical keyboards and slight tweaks of earlier models respectively.

In between the Galaxy R and Galaxy M ranges though, is to be the Galaxy W series. The Galaxy W will be a high end device, offering more features and power than the midrange M but not quite as jaw dropping as the Galaxy S or Galaxy R. While the Galaxy W certainly has some impressive hardware under its wing, one of the most notable things that distinguishes it from the higher tier phones is that it does not feature a dual core processor.

Samsung Galaxy W


Instead it will be powered by a single core 1.5GHz processor with 512MB RAM this will provide plenty of oomph nonetheless. In terms of size, the Galaxy W is not petite but is certainly smaller than the Galaxy S2. It has a 3.7″ capacitive screen making it a little larger than the iPhone 4 in this department and offering some pretty impressive visuals for video and web browsing.

The Galaxy W also includes a 5 megapixel camera that includes 720p video recording and has a secondary VGA camera for video calls. It also has 32GB storage available with microSD, as well as excellent support for a wide range of music and video formats. Running on Android Gingerbread with TouchWiz, the Galaxy W comes with Android Market support, so there are plenty of apps and games to play around with, as well as having fantastic support for social networking and online entertainment with YouTube.

The Galaxy W series is being marketed as a high end device and if you compare it to the likes of the S2 this doesn’t seem to fit. It should be understood though that the Galaxy S2 is one of the most cutting edge smartphones on the market and this is an unfair comparison. The Galaxy W offers a lot of hardware power, the latest Android features and an excellent camera and for the majority of people will certainly feel like an award winning smartphone of the highest quality.

Samsung Galaxy W Price is Not announced yet, but it will be around $350 i.e. Rs. 17,000/-

With this new naming convention that Samsung is employing it is highly likely that we will see a Galaxy W2, Galaxy W Pro and perhaps even a Samsung Galaxy W3 Pro Plus or something equally convoluted in the distant future. Regardless, Samsung Galaxy W contracts will provide any people to obtain a high class Android Galaxy experience at a much more affordable price than Samsung’s current flagship, the S2. Both phones can be purchased by comparing the cheap mobile phone deals at

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Which iPhone do you want to compare it with?

If compared with the iPhone 4, spec wise, the Galaxy W has a better CPU and GPU. The iPhone 4 has a bigger internal storage of 16/32 GB where as the Galaxy W has only 4GB (which can be remedied by inserting a high capacity SD card). And the iPhone 4 has a slightly better display in terms of pixels per inch. This looks good on paper but in reality you can hardly tell the difference. The Galaxy W also has a slightly bigger screen than the iPhone 4 at 3.7 inches compared to 3.5 inches on the iPhone.

In terms of construction, both the iPhone 4 and Galaxy W are sturdy. But i’m doubtful the glass construction of the iPhone 4 can withstand a lengthy or multiple drops on a hard floor. I’ve seen many drop tests conducted on the iPhone 4 (and iPhone 4S to some extent) that validates my doubt.

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