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Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 – Battery test with good results

The test on the battery of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is definitely positive.
The interest in Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is skyrocketing even though we know with certainty that, being smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S4, the performance is much lower. Regarding the battery, in fact, we are talking about a reduction from 2 thousand 600 mAh that has the Galaxy S4 to 1900. But is not everything seen negatively: we also know that the hardware is in proportion to capacity, so the fund is much less expensive in terms of energy.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Battery

Starting from these assumptions, GSM Arena has wanted to conduct a test on the battery, after the fact on Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, the result was quite surprising. In trying to call, for example, the small device by Samsung has managed to get to 13 hours and 10 minutes, beating many other Android devices with pure good results. Even for browsing and video playback we speak respectively of 9 hours and 47 minutes and 13 hours and 12 minutes, numbers that place it among the top in the standings along with the XPeria Z, another well known Android device.

However there is something to mention for the stand-by mode, which is actually too expensive than the standard version. Referring to the original source, you will have all the information necessary to judge both terminals (assuming that Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 costs a lot less than its big brother). So this is all up to you know and your taste and needs. Do you prefer the small one or the big one? My opinion is that being small is good and stylish and nobody wants to carry a “computer” in his pocket but performance is also very important. So you better find something in between and that depends on your needs. Good luck!

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