Hands-on with Lenovo’s X1 Carbon Touch Windows 8 Ultrabook

Lenovo has become a household brand name in laptops and it is not a surprise that the next in line from their stables surpasses the expectations of every one. The Carbon Touch Ultrabook is a super combination of the ever-famous ThinkPad and the functional Ultrabook.


With all the features of the Lenovo’s Carbon Ultra book intact, this new version also provides for touch capability. This is a good choice for professionals who are always on the move and for those who give a higher weightage to mobility in a laptop. This laptop features the next generation in computers, where high performance matches good usability. This is a premium version that works on the Windows 8 operating system. If you get the Windows 8 learning curve right, it would be a great experience working on the touch screen, enhanced Windows 8.

Performance par Excellence

When you need a device that is power packed with all the attributes that one wants for super fast computing, you can get the Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch Ultrabook
to use.

  • 8 GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Third generation of Intel Core i5 or  i7 processors
  • 720p High Definition web camera with dual array microphones
  • The storage capacity is 128 GB

If you are internet savvy and deal with rich multimedia content most of the time, the Ultrabook supports high quality content streaming and download speeds, with no hiccups in multimedia creation and usage whatsoever. This machine vouches responsiveness and is a visual feast for the WWW enthusiasts.

The Ultrabook supports business users who want a combination of both speed and performance. The laptop quickens the pace of working with several applications and multi tasking. It offers several features that promote flexibility in usage and has hardware that drives efficiency.

The Ultrabook Eases Usability

With the Carbon Touch Windows 8 Ultrabook, Lenovo offers hardware that is specially designed for maneuverability. The design is ergonomic with the capacity to flatten to 180 degrees. The carbon fiber case has made the Ultrabook durable and it fits the bill, when there is heavy usage. The device is 20.8 mm thin and 3.4 pounds light, and is significantly smaller when compared to its earlier counterparts.

  • The 14-inch display is 10 point, High Definition + and multi-touch controlled. You have a multitude of options for input other than the touch screen, which includes the track pad and the track point. The track pad does not have divisions for left and right use and has a glass surface. The track point is a feature that ThinkPad users have been accustomed to over the years and Lenovo did right by including it.
  • The back lighting feature can be turned off or on and it helps when you definitely need the light switched on. Both the screen and the keyboard are backlit.
  • Security worries will be a thing of the past, as Lenovo has security covered, with its finger print reader called vPro that has in-built BIOS encryption.
  • You get a theater-like sound experience owing to the Dolby Home Theater audio technology. When you are watching a movie in the carbon Touch Ultrabook, you will be transported to the next level in audio and sound.
  • The 45Wh battery caters to a long battery life of 8 hours. Charging is also fast with 80{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} of the battery charging in just 35 minutes.

With the venture of this new Touch Ultrabook, we have stepped into the PC plus era. What Lenovo has done here is, to retain its ThinkPad brand identity, and update it to an attribute set, of the next computing generation. We should wait and watch to know, whether the effort has paid off.

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