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Real-time Group Chat for twitter users.

Facebook users enjoying in-built chats on the social network, this is what twitter users misses. Twitter account owners have yet to be given a built-in chatting interface by the microblogging service network. The result is third-party apps trying to provide this feature. And they are really good!

Now by signing up with a third party app and granting it access to Twitter account, you and other Twitter friends who have activated these apps can chat with one another. Here are some great twitter chat apps options:-

1.Blither is a Twitter client that is free to use. The tool lets you chat with your Twitter friends in a unsophisticated way. When you first visit the tool’s website, you start by granting it access it to your Twitter account. You can then create a chat group from within Blither’s user-interface by typing in the names of people you want to chat with and typing in a subject for the group.

Twitter Real-time Chats

2.Bonfire is a Twitter client that blends live chatting within Twitter’s interface. Seeing as how Facebook users were excited about Chat’s inclusion in the social network and continue to actively use it today, the developers of Bonfire felt an instant messaging application for Twitter was direly needed – and they were right.

3.TodaysMeet is a free to use website which allows your meeting attendees to give you feedback on the meeting. The site is very convenient to use for attendees as it does not require them to sign up for an account.

4.Tagch.At is a free to use web service that lets you access chat rooms according to the hashtags of the appropriate topics on Twitter. When you enter the chat room you are given a nickname that you can change by signing into Twitter.

5. lets you send a chat invite to any of your followers through a DM or a @mention, and once they log into using their Twitter credentials, they can start chatting with you. It is not the simplest chat tool out there and is a bit of a hassle, but works great if the people you want to chat with can only be found on Twitter.


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