Promotional gifts, social media as cost-effective marketing tools

Promotional GiftsIt used to be expensive to market a business. Expensive newspaper ads, TV spots, direct mail brochures were the standard way a business promoted itself. It is very costly for businesses, however, to do traditional marketing, which sometimes totals thousands of dollars per campaign. But modern times have come to the rescue, as promotional gifts used in conjunction with social media has emerged as the more cost-effective way to advertise a business. It’s possible to make a business succeed with just a few steps, and take it to the next level, while cutting costs at the same time.

Posting ads on Twitter or Facebook can be compared favorably to the cost of TV commercials and newspaper advertising. Commercial may cost thousands to put together, while social media pages are free to create. Even a 1 inch ad in newspapers may cost hundreds of dollars depending on the circulation. By contrast, both forms of advertising are much more expensive compared to offering promotional items in context of a creative social media marketing campaign.

Social media is far more targeted and updatable, as shown when thousands of members of the target community receive news about a business. In fact, via social media, a company can market its product or services through use of promotional gifts. The offer of the gift can be done straightforwardly, or the more effective way, by offering contests or sweepstakes with the gifts as prices. The more popular gift ideas of this type typically presented on Facebook fan pages contests include mugs, pencils, stress toys, conference folders, even flowers delivered by Interflora on special occasions.

The business must engage its audience appropriately in order for a promotional gifts campaign to work. A company can offer a gift for client who delivers a good advertising slogan to company. By maintaining a personable approach with an audience attracted to a product or service related to their interests, you will be able to leave a long lasting impression on your potential customers as well as existing customers.

Additional ways to attract customers comes by way of referral program, where heavy discounts can be given out persons producing the most referrals. The main point is using Twitter and Facebook is a new, effective, and cheap way to reach millions of people regardless of country or location. Integrating giveaways or promotional items is a way to reach and satisfy diverse audience is quick and intelligent fashion.

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Social media is really a great tool for a small business owner to reach their target audience. Also it’s very helpful in directing traffic to your site. Social media is how you talk and interact with your customer.

Using promotional gifts in social media is a great way to attract new clients and keep the loyal ones!
Social media provide wide variety of tools to track and analyze efficiency of this marketing approach!

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