Playstation 4 comes Stronger than its Ascendants – Review

playstation 4 consoleLaunched on February 20, 2013, the heir of the Sony Playstation series, Playstation 4 promises to be stronger than its Precursors. After a super long wait, there was a wave of thrill and excitement among millions of gamers worldwide at the launch of PS4. The new PS4 promises a lot. Sony intends to make up for its loss in the last year with the launch of new technology ridden PS4.

Specs of PS4

The feature that stands out in this play station is its ability to let the players share their recorded game clips on social sites. The notable feature about this version is its new dynamic controller known as “dualshock 4”, it flaunts a touchpad and light emitter which controls the motion of players in 3D games and also motion sensible games. PS4 also allows the gamers to buy the games online and consequently play them after the game has been downloaded.

Sony has reportedly bought Gaikai, a cloud service for its new PS4 for as much as $370M, which has contributed SONY with its control “Dual Shock 4”. With memory count of 8GB, this generation play station stands aloof from its predecessors technologically and also in the graphic clarity. The speed and performance of PS4 promises to have been double folded as well which is an icing on the tea for the gamers. The interface and the gaming experience seems to have exponentially multiplied in PS4 compared to its predecessors in this series. It’s based on PC system which comes as happy news for the developers as now they can code and develop games easily for PS4. PS4 will be having great power consuming capacity and will draw ever watt of power while working unlike its predecessors.

Notable Feature (PS4 Eye)

PS4 eye turns out to be the game changer in this new edition of game station. The cameras equipped at wide angles in the PS4 ensure the imaging of the players to make the gaming more fun. The attempts of SONY to enable the gamers enjoy the games on bigger screen and on television are incredible too. Now you’ll be able to send your games wirelessly to your television, Sony Vita. Likewise it synchronizes with all Sony devices, Sony Bravia, Tablets, etc. The time taken by play stations to restart has also been considered here and hence it takes matters of seconds to start up. Another striking feature in this PS is its on/off feature, with help of which you can easily shut the PS down and when you restart it, it starts up in the same gaming arena you left it.


Sony has splurged its resources to make PS4 the best buy of the year, but there are some unlikely drawbacks as well, like PS4 interface doesn’t support PS3 games and hence you cannot play PS3 games on it. To add to the wounds, PS4 doesn’t support PS1, PS2, PS minis as well.

Overall review, the Price and Market entry

Though, there are some features missing in the new Sony Playstation 4, it speaks for itself with great graphics, an innovative console, the PS4 Eye and its synchronization with other Sony products. The new PS4 intends to wipe the flaws earlier versions of play stations had created and it has boasted a lot of reasons why gamers should wait awe until its introduction in the market by Christmas this year. In a nutshell, PS4 is a revolutionary design which is expected to sweep away all its competitors in the market and for a cost around $500; the new Sony Playstation 4 is a smart buy.

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