Plasma TV Versus LED TV – Which Is The Best Option?

Plasma TV vs. LED TVThe technology in television sets today is truly astounding. Just a decade ago, a TV would take up a considerable amount of space in our living areas and would generally offer a mediocre picture quality. Today, they have large screens that are less intrusive than smaller CRT models of the past.

While technology has progressed a great deal, there remains a large amount of choice between different TV sets. One of the main questions of debate surrounding new televisions is ‘which is better, LED or Plasma TVs?’

Here, we take a closer look at each and consider the pros and cons.


An LED TV is one which uses a huge number of tiny, light emitting diodes to create a display. The nature of the LED display allows television manufacturers to create incredibly slim designs, which are among the most aesthetically pleasing on the market.

LED TVs are able to achieve this great, slim look without compromising on energy efficiency. In fact, LED TVs are some of the most energy efficient out there. The main downside is one that affects certain models more than others – the viewing angle.

Plasma TVs

The technology behind a plasma TV is a little more baffling than that of a LED TV. Plasma televisions hold small gas cells between two sheets of glass. The emission of ultraviolet light is aimed through the screen to create the desired display. Plasma TVs were among the first flat screen options to reach the market on a serious scale, mainly due to their size.

Today, plasma television sets can be a little cheaper than their LED counterparts and can provide a different picture quality. Plasma sets are renowned for their deep blacks and the intense contrast that this can create, but they often fall short when it comes to energy efficiency.

Which is right for me?

There might not seem a great of difference between these types of sets, but for those looking to make the right choice it’s worth considering your needs. There is rarely a huge difference in the picture quality between LED and plasma TVs and the specific model you choose will play more of a part in this.

Those looking for a large TV on a budget are more likely to opt for plasma, while those concerned with energy usage should look to spend a little more on a stylish LED TV that offers the same quality, with added eco-benefits.

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