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My Freeware Directory, Now openly, “say No To Software Piracy”

My Freeware Directory, Now openly…..
“say No To Software Piracy”

Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee. This Post enlists most used, popular and recommended freeware  computer softwares download links.
I was making this list from the last 4-5 months in an HTML file, on my HDD, when i come across any new freeware I just  Update the list.
But Last week , my mind ticked- That I should post this great list on my blog.
I have categorized according to softwares Purposes.
So here’s the main List:->

  1. General Utilities And Other Applications.
  2. Checksum Utilities.
  3. Webcam Software.
  4. Web browsers.
  5. Video Editing tools.
  6. Video players.
  7. Video codes.
  8. System Information and monitoring.
  9. Pop-up Blockers.
  10. Programming.
  11. Photo manipulation and image design.
  12. PDF Utilities.
  13. Partition Managers.
  14. Office Suites.
  15. Network Tools.
  16. Anti-spam programs.
  17. eMail programs.(email clients)
  18. Internet Explorer Front-Ends.
  19. Instant Messenger.
  20. Image viewer.
  21. HTML Editors.
  22. FTP Servers.
  23. FTP Clients.
  24. Firewalls.
  25. File repair and recovery.
  26. File Managers.
  27. Encryption and data security.
  28. Download managers.
  29. Desktop Enhancements.
  30. Defrag Software.
  31. Compression / Decompression.
  32. CD/DVD Burning.
  33. Audio Tools.
  34. Audio Players.
  35. IRC Clients.
  36. Anti Spyware.
  37. Anti-Virus.

If you know any freeware that is not in the list, feel free to comment below about it.

I will add it to the list with Your Blog link.

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