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Motorola RAZR XT910 Takes Slimness to a New Level

Just before the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 Motorola were one of the leading companies in the mobile phone industry. Their RAZR handsets were the 2005 equivalent of the iPhone – a phone so trendy that everyone had to have one regardless of how much it cost or how long they had to wait in line.

What made the RAZR phones so popular was that they were very slim. Prior to the first Motorola RAZR, mobile phones had been very bulky, with unsightly antennas sticking out all over the place. The RAZR adopted a stylish flip-phone design, and was barely noticeable in even the tightest of trouser pockets.

Ultra-thin, lightweight design and mind-blowing features, Motorola RAZR is about to make heads turn

Motorola experienced a bit of a drop in popularity with the launch of the first iPhone, as everyone’s attention switched away from flip-phones to the new breed of touchscreen devices. The launch of Google Android gave Motorola some respite, as they were able to launch some successful touchscreen phones of their own – including the Droid/Milestone and more recently the Atrix.

While these have been excellent phones none of them have quite managed to reach the same stratospheric heights of popularity as the earlier RAZR phones. It was with this in mind that Motorola decided to revive their old brand and blend it with their newer breed of Android smartphones.

The new Motorola Droid RAZR XT910 takes the best of Motorola’s Android expertise, adds in the super-slimness of the old RAZR phones and then tops it off with some of the rugged durability features of the Defy for good measure.

Recently, as part of their ongoing war over everything and anything mobile phone related, Samsung and Apple were locked in a bitter battle over the title of ‘world’s thinnest smartphone’. This is the title that Apple had adopted for its 9.3mm iPhone 4, but Samsung had challenged it with their 8.5mm Galaxy S2.

Physical Body

The RAZR is even thinner than both of these devices, measuring just a mere 7.1mm in thickness. One of the worries that people have about purchasing such slim phones is that they will be more liable to breaking easily – but Motorola have catered for this by throwing in some rugged sturdiness in the form of Kevlar.

Kevlar is an extremely strong material that is used by the US military for making ballistic face masks, bullet-proof vests and even for protecting aircraft carriers. With this in mind, you can rest assured that the Motorola RAZR will withstand a great deal more knocks and drops than some certain glass phones on the market. Even though it is not marketed as a ‘rugged phone’, the RAZR also includes extra splash resistance to protect it from liquids such as water.

Even leaving aside its unique build materials and extra thin design, the RAZR is a superb Android phone and one of the best smartphones that Motorola have produced for many years. Running on Android Gingerbread, the RAZR has plenty to keep entertained through the web, YouTube and Android Market.


Currently, the bestselling Android phone deal is the Galaxy S2 and one of the biggest reasons for this phone’s popularity is its 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen. This makes the phone well suited for video entertainment and games, and also makes it an excellent device for browsing the web.

The Motorola RAZR has an equally impressive screen on offer. While it is not Super AMOLED Plus it is just a short step down in terms of vibrancy and colour contrast, utilizing Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology. This is the same screen technology that was employed on the original Galaxy S. The RAZR also gets one up on the Galaxy S2 by coming with a sharper qHD resolution, offering greater clarity for images and text.


Likewise the RAZR comes with a similar level of hardware power at its disposal, with a 1.2GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM. This makes it one of the most powerful smartphones on the market and has been shown to outperform many other leading phones in benchmark tests.

The Motorola RAZR is not just the thinnest smartphone in existence and perhaps one of the most durable touchscreen smartphones, it is also the first Android phone to be released that has any real chance of knocking the Galaxy S2 from its position of popularity. If this handset is indicative of what Motorola has in store for 2012, then we may very well see the company shoot back to the top of the industry and enjoy the sort of sales and popularity that they did all those years ago when the first RAZR was released.

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