Microsoft and VW Join Hands to Develop In-Car Server

Microsoft Volkswagen In-Car serverMicrosoft and Volkswagen are joining hands in developing a large in-car media server that is capable of storing large files. These servers could very-well stop storing and carrying around Compact Discs in your car. These two “giants” have signed a contract, and together, they will develop a platform that is also capable of fast-file transfers.

The agreement is a landmark-agreement for Microsoft for they have never stepped into the car industry. Microsoft’s exFAT program provides a gigantic leap forward in sizes of media files that can be stored on electronic devices.   exFAT is offering car owners reliable and additional resources for bringing new and innovative multimedia into their cars.

Some of the features with the exFAT program

  • Handles more than 4,000 RAW images, 60 hours of HD recording in one directory or 100 HD movies
  • Enables future growth in media capacities; increasing support from 32 GB up to 256TB
  • Speeds up file saves to obtain a full 300MBps speed using storage allocation techniques
  • Includes OEM-definable parameters in customizing file systems for specific devices
  • Supports interoperability with future desktop OS.

The primary goal of this joined-venture is to provide infotainment software suites to enhance reusing of software for in-vehicle infotainment, and to drive innovations. The company is developing new technology for a multimedia platform that will provide more infotainment options while reducing driver distractions.

Using this technology will assist Volkswagen to follow future consumer technology developments while proving capable of delivering powerful multimedia experiences. In-vehicle electronics continue to break into the market at break-neck speeds opening up doors for new and exciting opportunities.

Microsoft’s commitment

Microsoft offers flexible property licensing programs that lets companies access many of their foundational technologies it its products, allowing companies to develop devices, services and applications that work with one another.

This program will facilitate the auto industry, as well as other industries to make it easy for customers to move large audio files across other devices. This is a leading technology for the auto industry and Microsoft and Volkswagen are pleased to be doing business together through Microsoft’s patent licensing program.


Volkswagen is not the only company that has entered into a patent licensing agreement with Microsoft. Several leading electronic manufactures such as Panasonic Corp., SONY Electric Company Lts., Olympus America Ind., and Sony Corp., have patent licensing agreements through their property licensing program. Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software and technology services.  The company was founded in 1975 to help businesses, and individuals to achieve their full potential.

Audi has been performing their own journey with technology with adding technology such as Google Earth mapping and in-car Internet.  American automakers such as Ford have the “Sync” program and the Japan automaker Toyota have the “Entune” program with both focusing on portable-device integration. Volkswagen has been bringing up the rear with introducing a new audio system by “Fender” for their 2012 Beetle.

Microsoft experienced considerable success with the “Sync” program which is what probably prompted the alliance with Volkswagen who is hoping to lead the technology raise instead of bringing up the rear.


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The article is contributed by Michael Clark; he is a multimedia expert with more than 20 years of experience. Visit his site for Golf R and Passat R36.

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I guess that it can be an excellent combination of two well-known and serious companies. More over I guess that together, working in tandem, they will be able to please the most exacting driver. Thanks a lot for sharing this article

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