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Hello guys,

I‚Äôve been working on some of my other projects[Summer Holidays] 😉 , I wasn‚Äôt able to pay much attention to my blog but I some how managed a little time to update the blog. Here’s the new cutting edge Web 2.0 Service.

TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all ages. All skill levels will benefit from TypingWeb’s free keyboarding lessons. No registration. No downloads. 100{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} Free. Now I can type with all my fingers and my new goal is to get speed 65 words pm.

Here are some mouth drooling Features:-

Web Based Solution TypingWeb runs from your web browser, so you will always have the latest features accessible from anywhere.

Complete Course – Novice to Professional Plenty of versatile lessons, each meant to focus on specific problem areas such as speed, accuracy, key-rows, and trouble-keys, work your typing strengths and weaknesses. Numeric Keypad (Ten Key) & Dvorak Keyboard lessons are also included for premium members.

Engaging Content Finding motivation to continue typing lessons can be difficult, so we keep lessons fun and entertaining. We offer “headline news” as exercises, interactive typing games, and motivational information between groups of lessons.

Statistics & Real Time Tracking We keep track and chart all of your statistics based on traditional typing speed and accuracy formulas. You can view this information as detailed graphs to track your progress.

Problem Keys & Custom Lessons Everyone has different problem areas, and every lesson concentrates on different key sets, so we store your most problematic keys as you type and provide custom help, statistics, and lessons for those nasty little letters giving you the most trouble.

On-Screen Keyboard & Hand Diagram The on-screen keyboard gives constant feedback, showing you which fingers and keys to press, to keep you from looking down at your hands while typing.

Skins Have TypingWeb match your mood! We offer many beautiful “skins”, ranging from typing under water, to driving a race car.

International Keyboard Layouts For non-US users, international keyboard layouts and languages are supported. Keyboard formats include including both QWERTZ and AZERTY. The layout, used with the on-screen keyboard, allows proper finger-placement feedback while typing.

Typing Certificate of Completion After taking our Typing Test five times you can access a high quality printable Typing Certificate of Completion to showcase your typing skill.

Speed Test Take our speed test to determine your current skill level. Retake the test occasionally to track your improvement over time. Take the test 5 times to access the printable certificate.

Specialty Lessons Just another way we make typing fun! Specialty lessons include famous songs, poems, quotes, literature, speeches, and other interesting topics. We are constantly adding and rotating out specialty lessons to keep your experience fresh.

Interactive Typing Games We offer a host of entertaining learning games such as Typing Ghosts, Krazy Keys, and TypeType Revolution. Or, if you feel like taking a typing break, we offer several classic games like Breakout, Tetris, and Frogger to pass the time.

Hall of Fame Typists can compete by country, gender, age, or become the #1 typist in the world!

Premium MembershipFor a minimal one-time charge you can remove all advertisements, unlock premium lessons, and receive priority email customer support.

Built-in Help Need help? TypingWeb contains full documentation and customer support for premium members and organizations.

Visit website: TypingWeb

Thanks for visiting , feel free to browse around, comment, and let me know if you have any questions, Suggestions ,etc.

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  • midfielder1234

    This was a very good website you suggested. I have always been a fast type but I can know type at 65 wpm. Maybe it will help me with my blog so I can type faster, lol. Anyway, you covered the features very well and sign up was quick and easy. Thanks for suggesting this site because now I have something to help me improve my typing skills.

    midfielder1234’s last blog post..Half Life 2 Episode 3 Picture & Gimp

  • lonnie

    It is very rare for me to actually like any website, but after reading several articles here, I must say that I like your site! Fair enough!

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