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Learn from Mistakes of People Online.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. It’s great to learn from your mistakes, but it’s even better when you can learn from the mistakes of others.  In today’s fast paced world, finding a buddy ear for our problems is difficult, a shoulder to cry on is nigh impossible. That’s why we all head towards the internet and the varied websites where we can talk about problems and rant to our heart’s content.

Here are some websites where people share their mistakes, and what they’ve done to correct them:

1.MistakeReports:Funny Embarrassing Mistakes & The Lessons You Learned From Them.

MistakeReports is great embarrassing story-sharing website that helps people learn from others’ mistakes. While submitting a story on the site you can specify a number of things such as classifying your mistake, assessing it, explaining it, and then summarizing it.

2.BadHap: Share & Read Bad Happenings.

BadHap is all about bad, unfortunate happenings that strike you any day, any time. On BadHap, you can post your own and read about others too. As BadHap puts it – have you ever noticed the only thing that eases the pain is hearing someone else has been there too? Or better yet, has ended up worse?

3.He Did What :Share your daily problems.

This one is for women’s lib. He Did What as the name suggests, is the public forum for women where they don’t have to complain…they can combat all that’s been done wrong to them. And hey guys! It ain’t one sided – the counterpunch can be ours from the site that’s right across the street. It’s called She Did What.

4.Ventnation (Beta)

Ventnation is probably the most extensive site in row. You must create an account to ‘vent’ your message, after which anonymity is an option. Vents can be enriched with videos and pictures, and classified in a number of categories. These messages can then be commented on, or rated by other users. Additionally, Ventnation also allows users to give advice to others.

What about yours mistakes? How you make your self a better person?

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In this world, it’s very difficult to finding a people ear for your problem. So, today world is like that. But, have to learn mistakes, it will be more helpful for you.

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