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Kill Your Boring Office Life !!! Instant Tricks

Hell Yeah!!!! You Heard it right. Get creative with your workday and learn to cope with boring office work. Here We are going to show you some amazing but simple Techno Tricks to kill your Boring Office(Job,Meeting) life. By Boring Office life I mean Jobs,  Meetings,  New Job, Tiring Work,  Boss Orders,  etc(You Know Better).

In this post we are not going to tell you to do these basics (But important) things to do :-Build a portfolio, Build relationships, Organize, Daydream, Experiment, Set goals. Here you will get some Easy ones and instant tricks.

So sit back and enjoy the post that can turn you into a Office Celebrity(You Got it ) for sure.

1.Use a funny ring tones

What a ring tone can do? One of the most fun things about having a cell phone is getting to experiment with different ringtones. You don’t have to settle for some boring, standard ringtone: you can make your phone bark like a dog, honk like a seal, or almost anything else you can think of. There are a lot of websites out there offering free funny ringtones, but sorting through them all can be a drag. Here are my favorite FUNNY ring tones Download Ring tone Here.

2.Set a funny wallpaper !!!

Here are Some Links For Funny Wallpapers. Set it and Minimize All other windows When any one Comes to your Desk.

3.Buy online some funny office stuff

This Will Make Your desk Look Different !!!

4.Play some pranks

5.Wear funny cloths

6.Use stress ball (Move Your balls)

On a bad morning in your corporate job, few things can save the day like the often underestimated stress ball.  You see, those round buckets of energy have many functions besides simply being squeezed. Back in the old days, I spent very happy times with my little stress ball, so the least I can do is to give it the credit it so richly deserve.
Here is …..How can you brighten your day with a stress ball?

  1. Throw it to an annoying colleague as a way to release your anger without giving him a chance to make a fuss about it: “Come on, it’s a stress ball, I was only kidding!”
  2. Throw it very gently to a good looking colleague as a way to connect with her/his Inner Child: “Wanna Play?”
  3. Exercise your muscles by squeezing it with unusual strength
  4. Using three or four stress ball, you can start training as a Juggler: you never know when you might need an extra income…
  5. Organize the office baseball championship using stress balls and empty bottle of waters
  6. Time for the World Cup. Soccer with a stress ball is on of those extreme sports which you must experience at least once in a life time, but beware, you will get injured…
  7. In need of some mental stimulation? Kick off a creative contest! The title? 10 unusually fun ways of using a stress ball!
  8. The good old classic: find a basket and challenge a colleague on who is the best shooter
  9. Your stress ball can help you preserving the temperature of tea and coffee. After you had a few sips of your favorite beverage, put the stress ball on top of your cup making sure it does not touch the liquid: now you can enjoy your hot drink for much longer!
  10. Go to the office closet and find a handful of stress balls with your corporate logo on them. Go outside on a quick break and toss them to kids or strangers to make them smile.  If no one is around outside, take out your frustrations by throwing those balls as far as you can. Have a contest with your co-workers to see who can throw the ball the furthest.

7.Kill your boss, play some games…

Play some Online Browser Games or Just Play Office games, Office games are more funny Activities.

8.Hold a meeting  !!!

Hold a meeting in office

Cartoon by Iain Farrell

9.Last but not the least.

Love Your Self !!!

“I am the one I have been looking for.” –Iyanla Vanzant

We spend so much of our time waiting to be loved, hoping love will find us, searching, yearning for that special love. Feeling empty and lost without it. Wanting someone to give us love and fill us up. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how life works. You will draw to you exactly what you create in life, and what you believe you are worthy of. So loving yourself can create love in your life.

Did I miss anything ??

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Ya Shiva !!! Its of the Hook coz …idea came in my mind during Exams….. 😉

Good post. However, this reminds me to keep working on my side businesses so I can get out of this boring office job. These may be good ideas but it shows just how mind numbing and pointless cubicled office work can be.

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