Keeping Your WordPress Blog Secure

Security is a major issue when it comes to computers and the things we use them for. No matter how much you know about technology there is likely a hacker out there that is able to figure your system out. The likelihood that you experience such a criminal is fairly low, but we want you to be sure that you have optimal protection. Following these suggestions can help you to feel safer within your personal space.

Secure your wordpress blog

  1. Make sure your scripts and platforms are current. This is possibly the most imperative step to blog security. It is fairly common knowledge amongst our community that many of the tools we use were created as open-source programs. This means that their codes are readily available. Often it is developers with good intentions, but often malicious hackers will obtain these codes and use them to harm your site. Hackers will look for loopholes that allow them to take control of your blog or website. For example, let’s assume you use WordPress as your host. Simply by building a site you will be vulnerable through both your basic installation and third-party plugins you have opted to install. By updating to the latest versions you will minimize the risk of being hacked. It is important to mention that this is not is not enough, but will offer you some reassurance.
  2. Another important thing to take seriously is your passwords. You will want to create a secure password that is used for not only your blog but for pretty much everything. It is important that you create a password that is difficult to remember. Think about it this way, if you can retain your password it is likely someone else can as well. Your best bet is to use an encrypted password and then use a tool for remembering such as LastPass. LastPass will store your passwords online. When you login this tool will pull up your information plug it into the appropriate spaces. No matter what you opt to do it is important that you don’t write down your passwords for anyone to find.
  3. Install Security Plugins. Another great way to improve security once scripts are updated and passwords are secure is to look into plugins that will help prevent attempts by hackers. There are several free plugins depending on your web host that can help you achieve this goal. Look into Bulletproof Security or Better WP Security if you are using WordPress. For other CMS you will find similar tools. Basically these plugins will recognize any weakness within each script or platform and will subsequently stop such attacks from occurring.
  4. Create a Unique Username. WordPress automatically sets you up with a username. This is not specific for your individual domain. Everyone actually receives the same. Make sure you change your username from Admin to something more specific to you. Hackers realize that user account one is the first person to use the site. This is easily associated with the admin account. You will want to not only get rid of admin but also user one. This will hopefully throw them of course and confuse them enough to leave your site alone
  5. Backup to the Cloud. Baking up your data is the best way to ensure that you are safe from your own harm as well as that of random theifs. Many users today are turning to cloud computing. Services such Carbonite are a good solution when it comes to cloud computing. For around $60 a year you can keep you protected.

This last tidbit of advice is less about keeping your blog protected, but more about keeping all of your possessions secure. Physical security of your device is just as important as the above security tips. If the device is stolen, you often have little to go on in terms of recovering the files and lost work. According to, there are over 50,000 instances of burglary or home invasion each year. Want to take a guess on what the most valuable loot to a thief is?

It’s small items that are easy to carry and even easier to resell. Items like laptops, tablets and cell phones. It’s worth the effort to secure the space in which you store your valuable files and electronics.

Domain security is essential to keeping your blog thriving. Nothing is guaranteed but you will sleep easier at night knowing you have done everything possible to protect your space.

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