iPhone Owners get more SEX

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The iPhone will get your laid more than the Android or Blackberry.

iPhone owners have the most number of sexual partners in their life-time, a study by dating site OkCupid revealed.

Average number of sexual partners in a life time, by smartphone user type.

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  • Zoe @ iPhone 4 Covers Blog

    It’s true, we do! Well it’s a silly study, but nice to hear right.


  • Reply

    Is this study valid? or just a joke. Anyway if the study really true then iphone is the hottest product this year. Everyone who has iphone .. you should proud with this result.

  • moses

    then i will buy a iPhone soon n will sell the Android phone 🙂 hehe!

  • Britney

    Having more sexual partners throughout your life can be a good thing or a bad thing…it depends on from what perspective you are looking at it.

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