iPhone Dock For Your Harley Davidson Bike.

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This replacement fuel tank/console combination is designed specifically for Harley Davidson’s FLHT/FLTR and FLHR model motorcycles. The console houses a special DashLink docking cradle, made by Hell’s Foundry, and works with the iPhone and or iPod Touch. The DashLink docking station includes a smart charging system with a self-sensing on/off circuit to detect if a device is present. This means that the GPS Navigation Application can be run with the screen lit while playing iTunes. You can use your Bluetooth earphones and Wi-Fi enabled devices.

If you own a Harley, and want to add one of these docks for your iPhone or iPod it will set you back around $400, and they are available from Hells Foundry.

Via: CyrilHuzeBlog

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  • jitu

    above information is very useful for us about the Harley Davidson’s . so thanxx for the above post.

  • Reply

    This is a great piece of kit especially if you use your iphone as a gps navigation device

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