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Will the iPhone 5 have a thinner screen?

Is iPhone going to shed some of its weight with its 5th release? Are we going to get an iPhone with a thinner screen? Will there be anything novel with this phone? With the launch of iPhone 5 nearing, the rumor mills have been on an over-run! Apple loyalists have been keeping tabs with each and every update coming out about the new phone. They follow every post, every news (speculations rather), every article and most importantly, every rumor! Not just the gadget obsessed techies, everybody is eagerly waiting to see if the Apple’s next phone will surpass the previous phones in features and design.

iPhone 5

The “thinner screen” is interesting news (rumor!) that has been going around some of the top technology websites. How is it possible for Apple to make their screen thinner? The current iPhone’s screen contains three layers:  a Liquid Display Screen, a touch sensor and finally a sheet of glass. They cannot eliminate any layer as all the layers are important for the screen.

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple is going to make use of the “in-cell” technology to make screens for the iPhone 5. The touch sensors and the LCDs are integrated in this technology. This eliminates multiple layers for the screen. The number of layers for the screen gets reduced which in turn reduces the thickness of the iPhone’s screen. However, the integration of the screen is not going to affect the sensors in any way. You will have the same smooth touch screen as you did with the previous phones. Without a layer, the screen gets thinner by half a millimeter. Apple can reduce the weight of the phone considerably when this design is put in place.

Not just thinner, the next iPhone series will also be lighter if Apple uses the “in-cell” technology. The phone will be able to support additional internal components and offer a better battery life. One of the best Japanese display makers are rumored to be making these in-cell technology screens for Apple’s iPhone 5.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then we definitely have to thank the revolution and advancements in LCD technology. With an in-cell enabled screen, you will get a thinner screen display with more lucid picture quality and darker contrasts. A clearer picture quality will make the display and colors on-screen more vibrant and bright.

Apple will be able to save a lot on manufacturing costs that they are incurring while producing separate panels for the touch screen. So, a classy iPhone will be made classier if the rumors turn out to be true. We will know for sure only on the day the iPhone 5 gets released. Meanwhile, we can hope the rumor turns out to be correct this time.

This will definitely not be the last in the rumors list. People’s expectations have gone up a notch with this rumor. Is Apple going to outdo people’s expectations as they usually do or is this series going to be a disappointment because of the high expectations people have? Let’s wait for the release of the phone to pass judgment.

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I’m unsure about this. ‘Cuz Apple doesn’t improve with a lot of pace, and this is a whole new level of technology. But on the other hand the effort to make iPhone 5 thinner, this might be a possibility! We’ll only know when Apple tells us. My conclusion is iPhone 5 will look similar to iPod Touch.

“There is no smoke without fire”, if the rumors of a thin screen, then they release it. Remember, every iPhone update was substantial. And this time there are things that we will be pleased.

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