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Wardrobe for Your iPad and You

Need an easy way to carry your iPad?

Here is a of list some easy, comfortable way to store your iPad on the go.



iPad Clothing
The iDress is a black, above the knee, short sleeved dress with a built in protected pouch to carry and store your iPad without hindering your movement or style.

iPad Pockets


The iBAP (BAP brilliantly stands for Big Ass Pocket) is here to solve all of your iPad-carrying problems. The pants with the iPad pockets feature a merger of the two pockets which are normally found on either cheek.

Custom iSuit


Custom Suits With Built In iPad Pocket, if you have to wear a suit to work then you may want to check out these custom made suits from Mohan Tailors.
Hidden inside their custom suits is an iPad pocket so you can carry around your shiny new iPad whilst you are at the office, and according to the tailors you won’t notice the iPad when it is in the pocket.



iTee is worn with the iPad in the pouch – comfortable and virtually undetectable.Unisex iTee available in all sizes in white and black.
The protective almost invisible front pouch stores and carries your iPad with you on the move.  Perfect for men and women with a digital lifestyle. Made from 100{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} cotton jersey, the simple tee has never been so technologically compatible.


John Chow

“Yes! I Can Fit My Apple iPad In My Pocket!”

The coolest feature of the Scottevest has to be the patented Weight Management System and NoBulge system. Normally, when you add a 1.5lb device the size of an iPad into one side of a vest, it will sag on that side. However, the Travel Vest remains perfectly level with no hint that you’re packing an iPad inside your jacket.

All of the jackets and vests that Scottevest sells are iPad compatible (as long as you order size M and above). The Travel Vest is available in three colors and with 22 pockets, it can double as a carry on bag at the airport. The Travel Vest sells for $100 and comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. If you have an Apple iPad, the Scottevest is a must have accessory.

Did I miss any iPad Clothing you Know? Leave a comment below…

iPad Mini Cases

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