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Get an iPad Mini installed in your Car Dashboard for $800

Apple has already done allot with its iPad and then came in with its latest mini iPad which hasn’t spent much time in market. And as soon as this mini creature gadget had hit the market, many wallets were open to spend. Though it’s not still that old in the market but this functionality was definitely not reported by Apple that you can use your Mini as a car accessory. But I bet nothing can be better than to make your touch-screen-dashboard that too when you can fit an iOS.

Apple would even not have advertised iPad Mini in such a manner as Soundwaves used the accessory specs released by Apple to pre-fabricate the mounting system. The best is that this iPad wasn’t pre-fixed in the dash; otherwise the creativity would have suffered. So now one question for you all, how will an iPad Mini look in your dash? If you really like the idea then just press the edge gently and it will fix in.

Not only this, the 2012 Toyota Corolla has an Audison wireless controller, isn’t amazing? It benefits the driver to dabble with music tracks and volume even without feeling the touch on the screen. And you get all these functionalities with an iPad mounted on your dash. Not only is the iPad Mini necessary you can also use a 4G model that also provides tea.

Now when you have already started to surf the net to get the price tag resting on the technology then don’t do that I have the answer, its $800, as reported by Soundwaves excluding the cost of iPad Mini. But if you want to fit in your regular iPad then it may cost you $1000. Soundwaves calls almost all the vehicles compatible. You may get a pre-installed Soundwaves in Tampa, Florida, but they might be able to ship you a kit to install yourself.

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So if you are interestingly excited about getting it then you can also get it built in while getting your car. Also it won’t take much time if you get it improvised and wire up the iPad to the electric system of your car. So, if you’re ready to load Soundwaves with money then it can surely customize it as per your need, and it finds pleasure doing the about-face, as written on its Facebook page.

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