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The iMessenger vs Blackberry Messenger

For years, Blackberry has been the standard go-to for business email and messaging, and mainly because of its Blackberry Messenger application. blackberry imessenger However, Apple just recently decided to throw its own messenger app contender into the ring, and iMessenger will soon go head-to-head with Blackberry Messenger in a battle that should end all battles . . . that is, until the next new thing comes along.  If your smart phone serves first and foremost as your instant messaging service, then you may find your ears perking up at the sound of Apple’s iMessenger, even if you’re currently happy with your Blackberry.  That’s because Apple has a reputation for providing the latest and greatest technology available.  Does the new iMessenger app live up to all the Apple hype?  Read for yourself and see what you think.

Third party apps.  Apple’s iMessenger can be replaced with other third party apps like DropBox and What’s App Messenger, as these apps are both available in the iPhone apps store and compatible with even broader platforms.  Blackberry’s Messenger, on the other hand, cannot be replaced by any third-party app, and is therefore unique to Blackberry and invaluable.  In this case, nothing can outshine Blackberry Messenger.

User interface.  The Blackberry Messenger interface is altogether separate from its SMS (text messaging) service interface.  This means you must be using either one or the other screen at a time, and cannot access both messenger and SMS correspondence at the same time.  Apple’s iMessenger offers a user-friendly solution to this problem by integrating the iMessenger interface with the Messages app and differentiating the two message types with color-coding.  Apple’s win.

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Usage and device compatibility.  Using iMessenger, it is possible to send your instant messages to any iDevice, meaning you can start a conversation on one mobile device, then pick the conversation up where you left off on another mobile device; it’s all integrated.  Blackberry’s Messenger just can’t do that, as this service uses the unique PIN of each mobile device to send and receive instant messages.  In this case, iMessenger has the advantage.

Data plan.  One of the things that has always made Blackberry’s Messenger service the industry standout is the fact that its NOC/node infrastructure makes it possible for users to send Blackberry-to-Blackberry instant messages without the need for a data plan.  So far, Apple has yet to provide its customers with a comparable solution.  Therefore, in this category, Blackberry Messenger is the clear standout.

Now that you’ve seen a breakdown comparison between the iMessenger and the Blackberry Messenger apps, it may be a bit easier for you to decide which is for you – or it may be a bit harder.  It seems that each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.  Your best bet is to decide which is best for you, and to ask about your phone retailer’s return policy, just in case.

About the Author: Deirdre Flinner is a full-time writer with a passion for marketing and technology. She’s partial to her Blackberry Bold and can’t wait until the company releases it’s next newest model!

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