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You know why publishing houses use standard style guides like The Chicago Manual of Style or The Associated Press Style Book? To make sure that all their publications are consistent with each other and come out as a single brand.

Similarly if you own a website, you should prefer to use not only good icons but the same type of icons throughout to ensure consistency of design.

Perhaps the easiest example to illustrate my point is of social media icons. If you may have noticed, most websites use the same type of social media icons to link to their respective social media profiles. The icons have the same color, the same size, and the same design which makes for a good overall outlook. If they are not consistent with each other then I doubt the credibility of the website and I will not want to browse on it any further.

Similarly if you will match all your other icons with each other then that will lend more credibility to your site. It will be much better than using random icons here and there.

Out of all the graphic design companies available online, we recommend you go for Icons-Land.

Icons-Land hosts hundreds of categories of icons. These categories range from ATMs to Dollars, from Phones to Vans, from Devices to Motorcycles, from … you get the picture.

There are two ways you can buy icons from Icons-Land.

icon land review

One is you can buy a collection of icons belonging to the same set. This option is particularly useful when you want to use a large number of icons on your website and want to maintain a single theme. See the image above for an example.

Second way is to buy the icons individually. The cost of the icon can go as low as 5$ per icon for a .PNG version and 15$ per icon for the .AI version. This option is useful when you only want a single icon or a handful of icons. You can, of course, buy more icons later if you want.

All the icons sold on Icons-Land are royalty free; this means once you buy icons you won’t have to worry about any monthly or yearly payments. You will be free to use them any number of times in your publications.

The search functionality of the website is simple and user friendly. All the important keywords are already provided so that you will just have to click on one of them and the results will be displayed.

Alternatively you can punch in your required keyword and you will get the desired results.

Also, the related keywords are displayed whenever you make a search to make your navigation easier.


For example when I searched for the word “equipment” the results’ page contained the related searches – “loader,” “support,” etc. See the image above.

So go and check out the website and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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