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How Wireless GPS Helps Police Officers to Nab Criminals.

Wireless GPS proves useful for police officers in responding and fighting crime. One particular aspect is in the form of police dispatching. Dispatchers use wireless systems in keeping track of the whereabouts of police officers while on duty. Maintaining the position of police vehicles helps dispatchers know which officers are closest to scenes of emergencies.

Police Tracks GPS Criminal

Wireless GPS proves useful for 911 dispatchers

When obtaining this information, employees can contact the nearest officer which can prove a matter of life or death in certain situations. Additionally, dispatchers can determine times of arrival with the aid of this wonderful technology.  RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is another form of technology that helps police officers tremendously with using RFID tags in tracking down people on house arrest or parole by sending signals if they enter forbidden areas.

Police officers on patrol are ready to perform their duties with wireless systems, latest global positioning maps and other types of computer upgrades. Most police vehicles are online and hooked into computer-aided dispatch systems.

These new systems have not been fail proof and have experienced tons of glitches. There is always consistent upgrading and properservice being performed to get the new wireless systems as reliable and safe as possible. Training is provided consistently in navigating the system which in return, makes police officers jobs safer and easier with increasing response times. New wireless systems have aided in not only officers response times, but records processing among other exceptional benefits.

Maps and other services

Police officers can access GPS maps in their cruisers to give them exact locations of requests for services. The system lists potential threats, crime trends and call histories, as well. Officers are grateful for wireless systems because it has aided in improving the overall safety of officers in the field.

It has been said that the computer mapping system proves more efficient than ever in comparison to the old system that existed in the eighties.  The old system was only upgraded on a periodic basis, but the new GPS wireless system is consistently updated. The maps prove useful for officers in finding safe and quick ways to redirect carsat congested traffic scenes and provide significant details. The GPS technology also comes in handy in areas that determine confusing with street names are similar to other street names in other parts of town. The system overall proves to be a tremendous resource that significantly improves the service that officers give to the public on a daily and nightly basis.



The system has not proved perfect and comes with glitches.  Some of the glitches include dealing with firewalls and interfacing with other law enforcement agencies and the CAD system. These glitches were predicted as the technology was introduced to the law enforcement field.  Generally, officers who are tech-savvy and even officers who have few computer skills have raved about the new GPS wireless technology that keeps police departments on the cutting edge of this new and innovative technology.

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