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Money eh? You spend most of your life working for that next pay cheque, only to look at your bank balance at the end of the month and think ‘well where the hell all that went?’ – At least that’s always my experience. Luckily we live in the modern age, so it’s never been easier to keep on top of your finances.

Expense Trackers are handy little apps that, much in the same way as LiveStrong and other calorie counters help keep you healthy, offer a handy little budget book right on your phone to help keep your wallet in shape. Being a young guy, I haven’t yet mastered the subtle art of budgeting, so using each of these apps is an absolute necessity and, increasingly, a pleasure. Below are my top three tried-and-tested Android apps to help you make the most of your money every month, so you too don’t end up living off baked beans on toast for the rest of the month (seriously, it gets boring after day three).


PageOnce is my go-to expense tracker, offering a beautifully designed user interface, coupled with a super handy account linking service. Using PageOnce, you can keep track of all your bank accounts, scheduled bill payments, investments, insurance, loans, travel rewards, and even phone contracts! That’s right – where most apps will only let you keep on top of your finances, PageOnce shows you how many minutes, texts or gigs of data you’ve used and have left to use. Now that’s useful!

Once you’ve entered all your data, PageOnce will send you helpful reminders of when your next bill is due so you can budget for all those pesky regular payments, and even let you pay it when your number’s up! You can’t buy this kind of service these days, especially when great apps like PageOnce are free!


Mint is one of the more popular online budgeting apps, and being a regular user it’s easy to see why. While it allows you to perform all the usual tasks of a standard expense tracker, Mint also allows you to categorize your monthly expenses – credit cards, savings and current accounts, for example. All the data on Mint is password protected, so there’s nothing to fear should you ever leave your phone in that bar after one-too-many drinks.

Sounding great so far? But wait, there’s more! After every month of week Mint will show you an informative infographic of your expenses so you can truly visualize where all your hard-earned cash goes! There’s nothing quite like seeing a PacMan-sized chunk of pie chart labeled ‘video games’ eating up your finances is there?

3. Expense Manager

For those of you looking for a decent money tracker, but could do without all the bells and whistles of the apps above, Expense Manager is by far the simplest app on this list, which allows you to keep track of your income and expenses with a simply cash flow analysis. Expense Manager is well-equipped to help you keep track of multiple accounts and schedule payments, and will alert you when a bill’s due, without getting you bogged down in style.

As I said, this isn’t the flashiest expense tracker out there, but it is definitely the easiest to use and navigate your way around. The app also features a handy exchange-rate checker, for when you’re balancing the budget while abroad. How very continental.

So there you have it. Three great apps to help you keep track of your finances in whatever way you want! Whoever said that budgets were boring?

Author Bio: The article is posted by Michael Clark. He is has written many articles on technology and new apps introduced newly. He is an award winning writer and a regular blogger.

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