How to Use Social Media to Market a New Blog?

Almost anything that is shared on a social media page that is very engaging and has active and committed fans will debut in the internet market. Take for instance, Justin Bieber promoting his new fragrance on his Twitter handle and his Facebook profile – it’s certain that his fans are going to flood every supermarket and stores in order to get his product. The same goes with blogging. You can use social media marketing to boost a new blog and turn it into a blog that gets hundreds of daily visit from social media.

But how to make this realistic is the most important thing. You want to know how to market your new blog with social media, right? Of course, everyone wants to – and that is why this article is meant for you. Following are a few tried and solid ways to use social media to market your blog.

Gain Followers (Legitimately)

The first step in turning your social media outlets to marketing platforms is by legitimately gaining followers. While you can gain many followers and fans quickly through some other methods, the chances that these followers will become true fans of yours is very slim. You might even end up being tagged a spammer.

Gain your followers through respectful and legitimate ways either by commenting on other people’s posts on Facebook and Twitter or Google+. You can also use paid advertising to get people to become your fans, of course only if your budget permits you to do so.

Your true fans will someday become readers of your blog, and perhaps eventually your clients/customers.

Engage them

While gaining fans might look easy, getting them to respond to your posts would be a major task. You’ll want to share engaging and informative and yet short posts on your social media walls in other to get them to make comments and share your posts with their friends. Facebook has newly created tool (the “talking about this”) for pages that can help you track your fans engagement on your page, just like in the image below.

Promote New Blog

You should strive to get your engagement level to reach at least 10{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} of your followers’ base. The  amount of people talking about your page on Facebook might translate to the amount of your fans that are seeing whatever you share through Facebook.

Update Your Social Profile Regularly

You should always update your social profile. The consistency you put in updating your social profile can affect how seriously people will take whatever is posted on your wall. Don’t let your fans/followers see you as someone who does not update his social profiles regularly.

Update your wall with tips that can help bloggers or daily quotes that will supercharge their ability to do something better.

Market Your Blog

After you must have diligently observed the above, then you can now take advantage of the opportunity you’ve created for yourself by marketing your blog to your social media fans. You should share your best blog posts on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and drive audience to your new blog.

But you must not overdo this, or else you risk ruining everything you’ve worked for from the beginning. Let the posts you are going to share from your blog be the best ones that are on it. Don’t just push anything that is posted on your blog to your followers, or else they will learn to ignore every article you share with them, which will not be good for your social media presence.

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