How To Remove An Unwanted Facebook Application?

Facebook Fishing or Phishing

If you feel that you may have been the victim of a Facebook phishing scam, the first thing you should do is change your Facebook password. If you’ve linked your Facebook account to other online services, it would probably be best to change the passwords to those services as well.

Follow these steps for removing scam facebook app:-

1.If you’ve granted permission to an application, you can revoke permission through your privacy settings. Navigate to your Privacy Settings, and at the bottom of the page, click ‘Edit your settings‘ under Apps and Websites.

2.You will be taken to a page featuring the latest apps you’ve authorised. Click the ‘Edit settings‘ button.

3.From here you can delete any apps that you have mistakenly authorised by clicking the small ‘x’ next to the app. That’s it.
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3 replies on “How To Remove An Unwanted Facebook Application?”

I think people aren’t aware how much information they give a third party when they install a facebook app.

Whilst facebook have closed many of the larger oversights, often people do seem to think that apps are part of facebook, and give them far more trust than they really should.

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