How To Optimize Your PC And Steer Clear Of Errors

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how-to-optimize-your-pc-and-steer-clear-of-errorsComputer slow down problems and errors are one of the major causes of concern for computer users around the globe. These problems usually occur unexpectedly and affect not only your work, but also cause unnecessary frustrations.  The good news is that you can easily prevent most PC problems if you take care of your computer with regular PC maintenance tasks, which can be easily performed with the help of some easy-to-use tools.

Let us have a look at some of these tasks that will enable you to optimize your PC and steer clear of errors.

The first and most essential maintenance task is to get rid of all unwanted information from your PC. This unwanted information usually comprises the following:

  • Programs you don‚Äôt use
  • Undesired registry entries
  • Temporary deleted and other such files that your don‚Äôt need
  • Malicious data planted by malware, such as virus and spyware

Most of the time, getting rid of this junk data enables you to prevent a lot of computer problems and also enhance PC performance.

Unwanted programs usually comprise programs that were preinstalled with your PC.  These may have been programs that you needed at one time but don’t need any longer, and spyware programs that install themselves without your knowledge. For example, you may want to uninstall the Tcsd_win32.exe file that belongs to NTRU Cryptosystems, which comes preinstalled on Dell computers. To get rid of such programs that you don’t need, you may use the Add or Remove Programs utility that is included with Windows operating systems. If the program is stubborn, corrupt or very large, you may also opt to use a reliable third-party program uninstaller tool.

If you are facing nbservice.exe and ekrn.exe high CPU usage problems, but you don’t want to physically remove these programs from your system, then you may just disable them from loading at system startup. If you are wanting to know how to disable nbservice.exe and other programs you don’t want running all the time, your answer is the System Configuration utility. You can launch this utility by running the msconfig command.

Another major cause of PC problems are unwanted entries in the registry.  There can be many causes of unwanted registry entries. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Frequent program installation and removal.
  • Inappropriate methods used to uninstall programs.
  • System crashes.
  • Malware infections.

These unwanted entries cause registry bloating and make your registry unstable. An unstable registry gets corrupt and damaged easily and starts generating errors. To resolve these registry problems, you need to scan and clean your registry on a regular basis. As the registry is quite complex, any incorrect changes to it may cause severe damage to your PC, so it is recommended that you use a reliable registry tool to perform these tasks.

To get rid of unwanted files stored on your hard disk, you may use the Disk Cleanup tool. This tool is a one stop solution to get rid of all unwanted files from your computer. After you are done with disk cleanup, you may use the Disk Defragmenter tool to rearrange fragmented data on your hard disk and make it contiguous. Defragging also helps in optimizing your hard disk for fast and error-free performance.

Lastly, to get rid of viruses and spyware you need to have efficient antivirus and antispyware tools. You must keep these tools updated with the latest definitions and perform regular full system scans to ensure that your PC is protected against the latest malware at all times.

Now Proceed to the race track and find out which programs can boost your Windows from zero to a hundred in the least time.

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    The information above is basic and can be performed by any pc user. I myself do most of the procedures such as daily scanning of virus, removing unused programs (add/remove on the control panel), and sometimes, organizing my files and deleting old, useless junk. But the ultimate way to clean a pc is to simply have it reformatted. This optimizes the pc and at the same time gives you the task of transferring only important files into a cd.

    Other ways of optimizing that may need assistance is replacing worn out hard drives. Upgrading memory and video cards will greatly boost the speed but this usually is practiced only by gamers who need to update their specs regularly.

    Jared РInternet and Gaming Cafe’s last blog post..Making Money Online: Can You Last A Year?

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