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How Tech Entrepreneurs Outfit Themselves

Having the best technology is like having a style statement for each and every human being and it is something which everyone craves for. Style is something which is represented not only by means of clothes but also by technology, which our celebrities do it in the best possible way, be it Herman Hollerith, the owner of IBM or be it the owner of Dell, Michael Dell, they all have an unique way of dressing which has a different style statement. Few of the finest examples are as follows:

  • Hewlett Packard: The Company has co-owners named as Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Bill Hewlett is a perfect example of a gentleman who knows how to carry himself in all form of gatherings. He is mainly depended upon his formals for such occasions and prefers wearing suits that are neutral in color such as black and grey followed with tie. Dave Packard, the co-owner, also follows the same pattern of clothing and same color palette.
  • IBM: The Company has its owner as Herman Hollerith, who is a follower of vintage fashion as visible by his attire. He prefers long over coats with ties. He has a neatly done hair which is followed by a moustache. Long jackets are also a part of his wardrobe. He mainly prefers wearing black on all occasions.
  • Dell: The Company has its owner as Michael Dell, who is a middle aged jolly person having a wide of variety of choices in dressing code depending upon the type of occasion. His casual attire consists of light colored t-shirts with jeans whereas for formal outings he prefers wearing suits whose colors ranges from light shades to dark shades according to his mood followed with equally matched tie.
  • Microsoft: The Company has its co-owners in form of Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Both of the co-owners are perfect examples of highly sophisticated people having an untouched position in their society. Bill Gates prefers formal clothing on business occasions whereas his promotional trips and visits in developing countries like India is often accompanied by casual dressing which involves simpler and cool shades of t- shirts and jeans. Paul Allen also prefers to go with the same sense of dressing. They do not believe in mediocrity.
  • Intel: The Company has its co-owners as Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce. Gordon E. Moore is another example people who like to go vintage attire. Classic fashion persists in him which is a perfect example of vintage fashion. He wears glasses which whose frames is mainly based on vintage fashion based on metal frames. On the other hand, Robert Noyce is comparatively younger than his co-owner who follows the same kind of dressing as his partner. But he can sometimes also be seen in casuals.

    The founders of Intel posing with a rubylith of the 8080 CPU in 1978. From left to right: Andy Grove (CEO of Intel), Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore
  • Apple: Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple Company, which he co-founded in 1976. Apple leads the industry in innovation with its award-winning Macintosh computers, OS X operating system, and consumer and professional. Steve Jobs is a Buddhist and takes pride in his work. He is a very humble person and he believes in simple living high thinking. He prefers to wear a simple black t-shirt with jeans most of the times. His wardrobe consists of the color black the most as he feels comfortable in it. Nike is the brand for shoes for him and he likes to go in them anywhere and everywhere.
  • Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg, the 23-year-old founder of social networking site Facebook, is the youngest ever self-made billionaire. He is a very smart and outgoing kind of a person deals with more of casual clothes, with converse or sneakers respectively. He loves partying with friends, does not have any special dressing a basic simple round neck t-shirt and basic jeans and shoes.
  • Nokia: Knut Fredrik Idestam was the founder of Nokia. He would love dressing up as he would concentrate a lot on his attire, clothes such as coat , jackets long trousers with different colored shirts was something he loved, he had a high standard of living having a passion of shoes, long boot cut shoes was something he adored. A long coat followed with a high neck coat and a bow makes his attire complete.
  • Google: The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, often dubbed the “Google Guys”, while the two were attending Stanford University as Ph.D. candidates. Google founders started the trend in the early aughts, sporting stretchy cotton shirts in a variety of neutral hues–gray, mud brown, olive, black–dressing them up when necessary with a black blazer.
  • Yahoo: The Company is co-owned by Jerry Yang and David Filo. Jerry yang is a very relaxed person along with being a keen observer and a thinker. His attire consists of wearing open coat with round neck t-shirts. His wardrobe consists of a wide range of vibrant colors in respect of t-shirts. On the other hand, David Filo is an American who lives his life in a lavish way by wearing every kind of attire which ranges from coats to casuals.

Thus, these were few examples of the tech celebrities who set style statements with their technology. Their products have been used widely by all masses all over the world. No doubt they provide quality products but on the other hand, they have also become a source of inspiration for many who want to follow their footsteps and carve a path to success. Their style statement often reflects their views and thinking and if a point is focused upon, we’ll all observe that most of the successful people believe in high thinking and simple living.

About Author: Mr. M. Matthews, a versatile software developer who has worked on a thesis which consists types of virus and hacking tips . He has given 15 years of service to this field for its well being and development. He is looking forward to create a new processor that performs better than the present processors.

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