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Generate Good Unhackable Passwords.

In the internet environments keeping a good password is one of the simplest things that can keep you from having your identity stolen, or being framed at work for actions that you did not do.

Now to make a good password you will have to utilize the entire Keyboard, and all keys. Using special characters and both upper and lower case alpha-character within your password will change the breaking time from hours to day or even weeks.

It might be difficult to come up with a strong password at your own, there are some websites  which makes it easy for you to have a strong unhackable password.

Here are some online tools for creating mind boggling password:-

1.Passplex is a free to use web tool.

Its function is to generate a password according to the parameters you enter. You can choose a password length from 8 to 16 characters. You can also optionally include numbers and/or special characters in your password. A ‘complexity level’ lets you choose how complex you want your password to be; you can choose levels from 1 to 5. Passwords can be refreshed to view new ones using the blue refresh arrow next to the password field.

2.Easy Password Generator – Memorable Strong Password Generator

This neat memorable strong password generator makes your desired password hard to guess replacing certain alphabets with numbers or special characters. You can also specify if you want a lowercase, an uppercase or an alternating case password. If you think your password is still too weak, try the Secret Random Password Generator or the Encrypted Password Generator. The Encrypt Password Generator lets you encrypt as well as decrypt a password.

3.PassPub : Online Password Generator

Simple password generator that generates a number of secure passwords that are easy to remember. There are 3 types of memorable passwords you can generate: (1) Easy to remember keyboard combinations, (2) Chemical elements, and (3) Passwords that are easy to read – these passwords use alternate vowels and consonants, suffixed by a 3-digit number.

4.Password Chart : Secure Password Creator

The Password Chart is a secure online password creator that lets you easily generate strong passwords and quickly access them later using the provided password chart. It may sound a bit complicated, but it isn’t.

Here is how it works:

    (1) First generate the password chart using some random keyword (mypasswords, logins, makeuseof, email etc.). Make sure that you can easily remember the keyword later as you will need it to access your password chart.(2) Once the chart is ready you can start creating strong passwords. Say you want to create a password for your Gmail account in that case just type in the gmail and let the Password Chart generate the password. Done.

    (3) If you need to lookup your password later or create a new one then simply go to your password chart.

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Dont you think, that it if the password can be created using any algorithm, it can be easily hacked too? I would like to device my own creative passwords for my accounts rather than using any ONLINE tools specifically to create my passwords..

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