How to choose what type of phone you should get

This year has seen the decision of ‘which type of phone should I buy’ become ever more complicated with the introduction and success of the Windows mobile phone operating system. Products like the Nokia Lumia 920 have firmly stationed the Windows OS alongside Android and IOS rivals. Look up the website to locate which phones sport the new Windows OS.

The modern mobile phone is a fascinating conglomeration of hardware and software with different manufacturers seeming to value different attributes. Just look at phones like the new Sony Xperia T and it becomes clear that Sony put great stock in things like pixel density, screen clarity and camera capabilities – things that the modern phone user finds central to their choice of phone.
The choice is then made more complicated by superb cameras on rivals like the Nokia Lumia 920, the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5.
Companies like Nokia have firmly re-established themselves in the last year or so and their handsets exude build quality with a weighty and robust sense of reassurance. On picking up a phone like the Lumia 920 on display at places like Phones 4 U, you’ll find that few models feel as good in the hand as Nokia’s flagship 920.

The re-emergence of great brands such as Nokia and HTC (which both happen to sport the new Windows operating system in selected models), have really made the mobile phone market a fascinating melting pot of ideas and hot technologies.
To help you make a decision when swamped in this abundance of top products, you’d be well advised to visit a site like Phones 4 U where you can utilise their fantastic smartphone comparison device. This helps you choose a phone by letting you mark out which OS you prefer, camera spec, internal storage, price and more. Think which specifications you value the most and find a manufacturer with similar ideals.

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