How To Bring Humor In Your Blogposts?

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If you can make your visitor smile, all the better. An engaged, smiling visitor will crawl longer and will be more likely to remember you. The engaged visitor can also help you to market your brand by telling others about you and by linking to your website.

Humor can be another way to gain both great links and get people to talk about your site. In the noisy online world, it is important to engage your website visitor, grab their attention and endear them to your brand.

How to make your posts humorous and unforgettable?

Telling a joke, can be easy, but getting your funny point out there can be difficult. People don’t seem to realize how powerful humor can be, when used effectively, humor lets you say or get away with anything, practically. The only problem is doing it right. Here are some ways you can bring humor to your content easily:-

  • Adding a funny image to the content: Images enhance posts in any number of ways including by giving posts a visual point of interest, grabbing attention (great for making your RSS feed readers stop and read), drawing people’s eye down a post beyond the first few lines, illustrating examples, giving your blog a more personal touch, engaging the emotions and senses of readers and giving posts more authority.
  • Create unexpected content: Include something in your post that the reader never saw coming. It can be funny, shocking, nonsensical—anything you can think of, as long as it’s something your readers can’t anticipate. Of course, you have to be tactful in how you use this technique, because ultimately it has to work.
  • Use funny quotes: Use quotes from blogs, books, and YouTube videos. And every time you will, the quality of you post will improve. Including quotes can make your post more interesting.
  • Slide a joke: Next time you write an article, column, blog post, or whatever, go ahead and work a joke into it somewhere. You don’t have to publish it in the final product, of course – there’s a time and place for that. But see if you can twist up a line you wrote and get some humor from it.

Humor turns your post from being just a bunch of words into a party where everyone’s cracking up and having a good old time. It can be a good idea to take a look at similar sites in your niche and identify the how they are using humor and that might work well for yours, too. However, it’s important not to just copy success stories but to adapt them, so that they provide unique value for your visitors.

Note:Not everyone will succeed with it – but if you’ve got something funny to share don’t be afraid to share it.

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