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How to Password Protect PDF Files?

When we  send any delicate data through e-mail, like PDF files, you have to make sure that data is encrypted and only accessed by a the individual you want to. You can do this in Acrobat, but obviously you are here for a free trick.

Here is how to apply password to PDF files:-

  1. Download and install PrimoPDF, a free PDF creator.
  2. Open the document or picture you wish to create password protected PDF for.
  3. Print the file. In the print wizard change the printer name from your printer to “PrimoPDF” and click Ok to start the PDF creation process.
  4. In PrimoPDF as shown in the below picture, select the quality of file, we suggest either “Print” or “Prepress” and then click the Change button for PDF Security.
  5. In the Password Security window check the box for “Require a password to open the document” and enter the password you wish to use and click Ok.
  6. Finally, click the Create PDF button to create the password protected PDF.
You can use PDFProtect. Simply upload your PDF document and specify the password you need to assign to the document. The tool also asks you to retype the assigned password to avoid mistyping.
Note:Use a 14-15 character long password with the combination of letters,numbers and at least one special character like: gi5w+pw8n40bx5d

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