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How Much has Instagram Technology Affected Human Life?

Going through Instagram photos of users can give us a clue of its effects on human life both for the people who share these photos and the people viewing them. People seem to be engaged in fun photo challenges as they try to outdo each other with photos that speak more than words can ever say. So how has Instagram affected human lives so far?

The Selfie Phenomenon

Instagram Selfie CompetitionImage Source: bettinamanagement

There is no doubt that the selfie phenomenon we are seeing now has largely been encouraged by social apps like Instagram. With a smartphone on one hand loaded with an app that can instantly share self images, the temptation is much too great not to do so. Everybody seems to be doing it so we think, why not?

The Share Now and All Phenomenon


Image Source:

Everything and anything gets to be shared through Instagram nowadays. It’s actually fun to see interesting images like the ones above especially if they are of particular interest to a viewer. The problem of some Instagram users though is their unrelenting desire to share everything instantaneously of images best kept to themselves.

People are reminded to enjoy the availability of the app and not let it be a cumbersome requirement in everything we do. Some photos need not be taken, much more shared. After all, we are not required to take pictures of every move we make lest we lose the value of the moment.

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