Home Security Systems Get ‘Smart’ With New Features


As responsible homeowners, it falls under our duty to make sure that our home stays safe and secure. After all, not only does it house most of the material possessions we hold dear, it also serves as a safe haven for the people that live within. It’s no wonder then that the home security industry remains steadfast with no signs of winding down. Quite the opposite, really, as home security systems are actually growing better and safer by the day as more and more new technologies are developed.

In today’s modern society where computer technology has evolved into a large chunk of the population using smart mobile devices, home security systems have also begun to progress and become more and more intelligent, allowing homeowners access to their home security systems through their smart mobile devices.


Home security technology has come to a point where you can manage your entire home security system through your smart phone at a few taps and flicks. This is particularly useful of course, when you are actually away from your security system.

A homeowner can now, through his smartphone, set the alarm to his house even when he has already left – perfect for forgetful joes or just slightly paranoid people. It also works for disabling the system, which is perfect for unexpected visitors phoning when you’ve stepped out.

Smart home security systems also allow for constant monitoring no matter where you are. This is particularly awesome with regards to surveillance cameras – as you get to see what’s going on in your home in real time even when you’re not around.

This huge leap in home security technology definitely adds to the peace of mind that homeowners experience through home security systems – and with the massive popularity of smart phones, it just seems the next logical step.


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A total homebody herself, Lindsey enjoys the comforts of her own home from afar through her iPhone. Shec gets all her home security needs from SelectHomeSecurity.

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