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Hack-Email websites passwords WinXP and much more…..

Though I am not a Hacker..But I have interest in Learning, Finding and implementing hacks(By only hacking Profiles,Email ID Created by Myself)…
I do Only for Educational(Ethical Hacking) purpose…Now you would say what’s education to do with it……
Dear you can only protect your self from the viruses, Hacking , spoofing, Etc…Effectively Only if you know how its done……

Here are some common Hacks(Working) To try.

Note:…..Keep in mind That you don’t steal, Unauthorised access to others computers( known as hacking). There are various legal penalties for hackers, So don’t try , only Read.

How to Hack Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Orkut or Any Other.
First of all you need to create an account in a form handling service[]. In the registration form enter your email address in the field ‚ÄúWhere to send Data‚Äù and in redirect enter the URL of the site whose account is to be hacked( For Yahoo it will be and for google it is After registering you will get an email from the web form designer with your form id.Now follow the following steps¬† […]Download


Hack Windows XP Password

Hi, Here‚Äôs Another Alternate to The Other Post – ‚ÄúHack Windows XP Password‚Äù Another method to login to a password protected Windows even if you do not have the password is by making Windows accepting any passwords.There is a far better way to get into[…]Download


Website Hacking
Note: This is for Average Hackerz, Not Newbies
This article was taken from we are explaining the website attack known as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). Cross-Site Scripting is a type of security vulnerability that affects web applications that do not sanitize user input properly. This kind of vulnerability allows an ‚Äúattacker‚Äù to inject HTML or client side script like JavaScript into the website. Cross-Site Scripting is most commonly used to steal cookies.[…]


Top 15 Hacking Software

1. Nmap| 2. Nessus Remote Security Scanner|3. John the Ripper|4. Nikto| 5. SuperScan| 6. p0f|7. Wireshark (Formely Ethereal)|8. Yersinia|9. Eraser|10. PuTTY|11. LCP|12. Cain and Abel|13. Kismet|14. NetStumbler|15. hping.

How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards
Well its quite simple but most of the people do not know it.Please note the fact that it only works if the password to the MMC Card was set in ur own mobile,where u want it to be unlocked.This method works well for nokia cells with symbian operating system.Never tried on other cells.use any software like FXplorer that can browse files in ur cell.[…]

6000 Virus ready to use
Here you go 6000 Virus ready to use :twisted:Sorry i did not want to write a list to many after you exetracted the 6000 virus folder there is one more folder called _DANGEROUS_ [DONT RUN ANY] that is holding them ..[….]Download

This above content is not part of our blogging, we have just published what we have found by googling. []

At last we would like to say ,don’t hack.
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