GTA 4(IV) Fixes-Nvidia + ATI Drivers, Patch & Crack all at on place.


Lot of people  asking for Fixes or Drivers or Patch or Crack.. Here is a single topic and no more Hotch potch.
Nvidia Driver Recommended for Grand Theft Auto 4:-
For Desktop PCs:
XP 32bit =
XP 64bit =
Vista 32bit =
Vista 64bit =
For Laptops:
XP 32bit + 64bit & Vista 32bit + 64bit =
Installation Guide:-
Download the driver and Modded INF, Extract the driver to some location and Copy the Modded INF file, Paste it to the Specified Location where you extracted the Driver files for 7z. Click on Setup and Install the driver.
Download & Install Grand Theft Auto 4 Patch:
Download Working Grand Theft Auto 4 Crack Without any Bugs Uploaded & Tested by me:;13013052;/fileinfo.html
Increase GTA IV Performance (Tested by me, Works fine):
If you happen to be running Vista x86/x64 and you have a directx10 capable graphic card. Do what elecg2 figured out. I tried creating empty/easy HLSL shaders and putting them in GTAIV to get rid of shadows and stuff but that didn’t work.
However by doing what elecg2 tried, I got a huge performance increase,
Go to GTAIV folder, go into common, then shaders.
Backup everything in there…!!
Then copy the contents of win32_30_atidx10, and paste them into win32_30_nv8.
That gave me a significant performance boost and I have no graphical problems or abnormalities. Try it, if it causes you problems or decreased performance then just put it back to normal.

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