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Great Free Apps for Finding Healthy Food

apps for healthy eating

If you are using a smart phone or tablet (who isn’t anyway), chances are you have a lot of apps installed in your favorite device. But while you may have all the apps you need, you can still add a very important one or several of them to help you choose the right food and enjoy healthy eating moving forward.

Simply visit Google Play and iTunes and you’ll surely find quite a number of apps that support your healthy eating needs. You don’t even have to pay for some of them.

Seafood Watch

If you fancy seafood, this free app for both Android and iPhone allows users to add names of restaurants that serve the sustainable seafood kind especially fish. You can also add the locations of those restaurant.

True Food

Packaged foods sometimes contain genetically modified ingredients (GMIs) which many believe are not good for the body. If you’re conscious about this, True Food will help you categorize the foods. The green ones are those that do not contain GMIs while the red foods are those that do have GMIs.

There’s also an option to join anti-GMI activists. This group have launched campaigns against companies making or selling the so-called red products. In addition, the app lists the locations of stores that refuse to sell products with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The True Food app works for Android, iPhone and iPad devices and the best part is it’s free to use.


This app for iPhone and iPad works as a guidebook to help users make smart shopping purchases. It features very informative articles that details the benefits of particular food items as well as special deals offered in the U.S. and in the U.K.

Food Tripping

Those fond of eating out especially at fast food chains should be able to find good alternative using this app. Food Tripping helps locate healthy food markets, coffee houses, vegan shops, farmer’s markets and juice joints even in your own area. You might even discover great food shops in your place you haven’t heard before.

If you’re looking for Filipino recipes and ways to enjoy healthy cooking Philippines, you can find great resources online.

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