Electronic Cigarette: The Government vs. The Electronic Cigarette

Why the electronic cigarette splits opinion

There’s no denying that sales of the electronic cigarette are increasing. The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA) claim the industry is worth between £5 – £10 million in 2011 with growth of over 50{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} in the UK up to 2014. It may be best to first talk about governments that are in favour or neutral on the selling of e-cigarettes.

Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Ireland

Just a few examples of countries who allow the sale of electronic cigarettes with no restrictions. It could be said that countries such as this believe in the e-cig market regulating itself. This can be seen with many stores clearly stating that the device is for over 18’s only, that the product may contain nicotine and that nicotine is a highly toxic substance.

It could be also said that the current tax generated from retail sales is sufficient enough to counteract the speculation that e-cigarettes may not be completely healthy. Another reason governments may accept the mass sale of these devices is the ability of the electronic cigarette in helping tobacco smokers wean themselves off onto an arguably healthier alternative. A healthier nation is a more productive nation.

Finally, consider that the e-cigarette is still a relatively new product with its introduction back in 2002 by a Chinese inventor. This means some governments have yet to catch up and completely understand this quite curious of devices.

Austria, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Some countries have already made a decision to regulate the electronic cigarette under the umbrella term of a “medical device”. This could be argued to be quite surprising considering there are only four recognised clinical trials in relation to electronic cigarettes.

That said, this regulation increases the potential prevention of devices landing in the hands of those under age, increases the quality of the device and could also promote more research into the effects of e-cigarettes. This may in turn boost their recognition in the public consciousness in future.

One of the fears of government intervention is the stifling of competition, innovation and ultimately consumer choice. Another criticism is that large tobacco manufacturers such as Phillip Morris and BAT who pay millions, if not billions in taxes per year to these governments are in fear of losing sales and thus government intervention is a strategy on behalf of their puppet masters in big corporate tobacco. We’ll let you think about that one.

Australia, Brazil and Singapore

Finally we have governments who won’t be budge on their existing anti-smoking policies. For example, Australia views every form of nicotine a poison. Brazil suggest that there is little evidence of e-cigarette safety and the Singapore government really don’t like any product or toy that resembles anything like a cigarette.

Many would argue this prevents consumers from their own freedom of choice and stifles the free market.

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