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Google TV Information And Previews

Google plans to introduce a box accompanying the TV which tries to make the TV “smarter” by letting you search for content… and browse the web, and view photo albums and more, as Google’s video introduction shows. It’s called Google TV, and as Techcrunch writes, “It will work as a new box – you’ll just hook up your existing cable or satellite box to it. All the hardware will include a keyboard and a mouse – but it will work with Android phones too. And you can use multiple Android devices to control the same TV – no more fighting over the remote.”

Google TV, What’s the big deal?

First of all, it’s Google TV – So you get seamless search and access to content anywhere on the Web, from your satellite or cable provider, even some compatible DVRs.

Secondly,  you’ll have integration with your home-entertainment system.

Third – we’ll be making a variety of options available right away, including video calling and a variety of controllers.

and even more stuff we can’t talk about.

Is Google TV really a platform or a product?

Since Google is partnering with Sony, I can only assume that the first Google TV set-top boxes and televisions will be coming from Sony. But it’s not very Google-like to be tied down to one manufacturer. So how long will it take before other companies can put Google TV-capability in their products? Will Google TV be an exclusive feature for Sony products, or will we also see Google TV-capability from other big manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Panasonic?

Google TV Preview

Google TV KeyNote

A photo Techcrunch made at the Google I/O press conference

Logitech’s Set top Box

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