Google rolling out Page Rank Update Yuppie its our First ;-)

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It looks like Google is rolling out a PageRank update. I woke up this morning and found that TechPaparazzi Dot Com PR went from PR-0 To PR-2

You can skip this Part:We launched this Tech Weblog on 21st/Jan/09 around 3 months ago ‚Ķ‚Ķand this is our first Google PR update‚Ķ.. it got from 0 to 2‚Ķ We used to provide good unique content and was thinking of¬† a good Google Page rank result but We are happy with results‚Ķas it makes us to work hard, which will lead to more great content for you guys…in next PR update ‚Ķmy PR increase assumption is PR-4….lets see¬† :O

Are you guys seeing the changes too? Let me know how your PR fluctuated.

It looks like Google is getting a regular schedule for the PageRank updated again though. The last one happened in the second week of January, so that is more or less one PR update every three months or so. It would be good if they kept that pace constant.

Let’s see if in the middle of July we will get another update.

congrats to all !!!

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  • Zubair

    Great, and congrats 🙂

    Our rank didn’t jump up but atleast it didn’t go back down either.

    Zubair’s last blog post..Rapidshare Hacks Рbypass download and timer limits

  • admin

    @ Zubair ….Lets see ..You will get results in Next PR update…

  • Lokia Cargo

    So it give blogger opportunity to make link building strategy and take a reasonable result, event if they using the pagerank for join advertising, paid reviews or text link ads, it will be more time to get back link juice.
    before, google update make much blogger go crazy, it is insane.

    Lokia Cargo’s last blog post..9 Cool Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates from Entrecard Traffic!

  • {HACKS} Daily

    Even my blog started around 3 months back..and now I have a PR2…hoping a increase in the next update…

    {HACKS} Daily’s last blog post..Windows 7 Software Applications Will Also Support Windows 7 x64 Bit

  • Tellie

    Congrats!! My blog still doesn’t show up on the page rank system. I bet it’s 0 though since I don’t get much traffic. I can’t wait to be 3. That’s my ultimate goal 🙂

    Tellie’s last blog post..I was THIS close to being stung by a bee

  • George Serradinho

    Well done on your PR.

    My site jumped from PR0 to PR2 and now it’s PR3, I was very happy and it encourages me to continue to work hard.

    Keep up the great work and it will continue to rise.

    George Serradinho’s last blog post..Over 40,000 Download Hits

  • fahim

    hey please tell me brother when will be next pr update
    are you know

    • admin

      @fahim i think the next PR will be in end of june or in july…..

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